Formation, modern problems and progress of health gymnastics trends, its role in the system of physical education of students in higher institute.

T.V. Pavlenko


The timely questions of becoming and progress of health gymnastics trend are examined, to its role and health orientation in the process of teaching of students in higher educational establishments. It is set that such important tasks cost before the departments of physical education: increase of level of physical preparedness of students taking into account their future profession and explained in relation to employments by a health gymnastics, necessity of ground and development of the system scientifically methodical providing, subsequent study of influence of facilities of health gymnastics on the organism of students. Directions of expedient choice of individual facilities of health gymnastics are shown for making healthy of students. Classification, directions and types of health gymnastics, is recommended for the leadthrough of reading with students. More attention is offered to spare the external forms of motions, to purposefulness of employments on a rhythmic gymnastics, account of its influence on functional possibilities of organism.


health gymnastics; physical education; studies; student

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