Forming of adaptation of students' organism to the cold factor by the methods of active conditioning to the cold in the process of physical education in the institute of higher

S.V. Khalaydzhi


A research purpose was a ground of the system forming of adaptation to the cold of organism of students which master speciality the "Cryogenic technique and technologies». 25 students of the first course took part in research. The level of adaptation possibilities of organism is found out to the cold for students. Offered and tested technology of improvement of these indexes. Medical tests, which allow to define the measure of adaptability of organism to cold a factor, design of method of adaptation this factor, were utillized. Methodical advices are recommended in relation to facilities of adaptation to the cold of organism in home terms within the framework of observance of healthy way of life. It is set that endurance and firmness to the sharp overfalls of temperatures is arrived at by implementation of exercises in the conditions of sharp fluctuations in a temperature: physical exercises in winter were executed in an apartment and then outdoors. It is also suggested to utillize a contrasting shower. It is set that the level of adaptation to the cold substantially became better: unsatisfactorily - 51,7 %, satisfactorily - 28,8 %, well-19,5 %.


tempering; cold; temperature; adaptability

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