Biodynamic features Syuantszy Chzhuanti 720°

Ли Юйган Ли Юйган, Джао Ленвын Джао Ленвын, Уан Ли Уан Ли, Ма Хаоцзэ Ма Хаоцзэ


Presents the internal parameters and image Syuantszy Chzhuanti 720 ° is shown that in the implementation of the element Syuantszy Chzhuanti 720 °, the center of gravity shifts to 2.94 pm, 1.71 m. and 1.22 m. on the X, Y and Z; rate varies according to X - with 4,22 m/s to 0, Y - to 2,42 m/s to 0, and Z - from 3.68 m/s to 3.86 m/s. Run-time item 1.4 seconds: the first turnover - 0.41 sec., The second turnover-0, 33 sec. At the end of the takeoff run strike force left and right foot of 1147.2 N and 1005 N. Pressing the second, third, fourth, fifth finger and part of the metatarsal of right foot maximum intensity of pressure - 146.1 N; when pressing the first finger and part of the metatarsal maximum intensity of pressure - 280.8 N. The dependence of convergence or remove body parts with a vertical axis of the torque to increase or decrease its speed.


Chinese Wushu; Syuantszy Chzhuanti 720°; biodynamics movement


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