No 4 (2011)

Table of Contents

The training process of rhythmic gymnastics elements (technics of throws and catching of a boll) at PE lessons in secondary school, as one of the progress means of dexterity and flexibility at younger students PDF (Русский)
Наталия Олеговна Андреева 3-6
Spatiotemporal characteristics in the structure of jerk motion at female weightlifters according to anthropometric indexes PDF (Українська)
Александр Васильевич Антонюк, Сергей Александрович Пуцов, Богдан Васильевич Кононець 7-11
Health-improving training of preschoolers' with respiratory diseases parents as an integral part of rehabilitation programs PDF (Українська)
Юлия Борисовна Арешина 12-17
The levels of forming richly oriented mobility at students of general school as analytical and programming part of free behavior management and moving activity PDF (Українська)
Андрей Александрович Артюшенко 18-22
Application of index Kerdo in practice of physical rehabilitation PDF (Українська)
Елена Владимировна Афанасьева, Евгений Иванович Евдокимов 23-26
The effectiveness of the developed program of 10-13 years girls' coordinative abilities who are going in for calisthenics PDF (Українська)
Жанна Андреевна Белокопытова, Виктория Александровна Лаврентьева, Людмила Константиновна Кожевникова 27-30
The analysis of possibility of physical rehabilitation at pelvic presentation and wrong positions of a fetus during pregnancy PDF (Українська)
Людмила Борисовна Брега, Игорь Михайлович Григус 31-34
Practical implementation of the concept of "Culture of Health" in the process of physical education teachers PDF (Українська)
Игорь Борисович Верблюдов, Анатолий Иванович Кудренко, Наталья Дмитриевна Шошура 35-38
Biological factor of breaches of psychological health and its influence on healthy lifestyle of students of special medical group PDF (Русский)
Лариса Викторовна Вовк 39-42
Influence of facilities of ski preparation on the bodily condition of teenagers 11-12 years PDF (Українська)
Вита Викторовна Ворона 43-45
Possibilities of swimming skills developing in the process of physical education and sports at high school students taking into account gender differences PDF (Русский)
Алексей Иванович Ганчар 46-50
Optimization of maintenance of hand-to-hand fight for the officers of operatively tactical level of preparation PDF (Українська)
Сергей Иванович Глазунов 51-54
Process of interiorization, authentication, internalization, as component psychological-educational mechanism of study of eastern martial arts among student youngsters PDF (Українська)
Елена Владимировна Горбенко 55-57
Efficiency of physical rehabilitation at chronic gastroduodenit for children PDF (Українська)
Игорь Михайлович Григус 58-60
Place of physical training in the task psychological training of servicemen PDF (Українська)
Александр Дмитриевич Гусак, Сергей Викторович Романчук 61-64
Use of information technologies in the process of professional preparation of future teacher of physical culture as pre-condition of professional development in the conditions of informatization of higher education PDF (Українська)
Юрий Владимирович Драгнев 65-67
Readiness of teenagers to will pressures and pedagogical conditions of their training in the course of physical training at comprehensive school PDF (Українська)
Инна Александровна Дудник 68-72
The use of table tennis funds' in the curse of the students' physical education PDF (Українська)
Евгения Анатолиевна Захарина, Татьяна Анатолиевна Глоба 73-76
The role of genes AMPD1, CNB and COL1A1 in the propensity to employment rowing PDF (Українська)
Андрей Витальевич Козырев 77-79
The problem of physical rehabilitation for breach properties of foot preschool age children PDF (Русский)
Юрий Владимирович Козлов, Елена Борисовна Лазарева 80-83
The problems of formation of students' motivation for their health preservation PDF (Українська)
Валентина Анатолиевна Козлова 84-87
The impact of track and field sports professionalization on age limits of athletes sports skills qualifications saving PDF (Українська)
Елена Костантиновна Козлова 88-90
The improving walking and running are the universal means of impellent activity PDF (Українська)
Лидия Анатолиевна Конова 91-93
determinant of psychophysiological state of sportsmen of high qualification with different emotional characteristics PDF (Українська)
Леся Григорьевна Коробейникова 94-97
Features of level of bodily condition of sportsmen at different weather terms PDF (Українська)
Ярослав Витальевич Курко, Зиновий Иосифович Кульчицкий 98-100
The investigation of life style and health state of physical training department students PDF (Українська)
Галина Юриевна Куртова 101-103
Electromyographic researches in the process of improvement of sport training management at sportswomen which specialized in athletic running jump PDF (Українська)
Тамара Борисовна Кутек 104-106
Somatometryc's description by the youth Prykarpat'ya PDF (Українська)
Любомир Богданович Маланюк 107-110
Improvement of psychological preparedness of footballers by age 14-15 years PDF (Українська)
Геннадий Назимович Мамедов 111-114
The formation of the systems of wellness wallking classes for the elderly PDF (Українська)
Татьяна Дмитриевна Михальчук 115-117
Physiological indicators of students training in of special medical group with the disease of vegetative-vascular dystonia of mixed type PDF (Українська)
Алина Витальевна Мордвинова, Александр Михайлович Бурла 118-121
Excessive student mass as metabolism and physical activity problem PDF (Українська)
Владимир Владимирович Пилипчук, Мария Богдановна Августинович, Александр Юрьевич Куринов 122-124
The influence of motivation of achievement to rising up professional and applying physical training PDF (Українська)
Александр Иванович Подлесный 125-129
Peculiarities of using force efforts as method of getting better of physical development of boys of 5-6 classes in the process of faculties of sport gymnastics PDF (Русский)
Евгений Михайлович Проскуров 130-133
Methodology of research of quality of life of surgical patients in the process of physical rehabilitation PDF (Українська)
Яна Николаевна Романенко, Юрий Олегович Лянной 134-137
Characteristics of the scientific researches in sport climbing (review of the articles, theses, programs, methodical works) PDF (Русский)
Юрий Валерьевич Cедляр 138-142
Place segmental massage in physical rehabilitation of patients with chronic bronchitis PDF (Українська)
Наталия Сергеевна Ситникова, Марина Юриевна Каменева 143-145
Programs of development of power internalss youth 16-17 years in a boat-racing PDF (Українська)
Владимир Николаевич Фаворитов, Евгений Владимирович Карпенко 146-149
Using means and methods of general physical training in education of bowlers PDF (Русский)
Оксана Юрьевна Фаныгина 150-153
Studying the interrelation between the aggressiveness and nervousness of the young sportsmen aged 13-16 undertaking the training process of different directions PDF (Українська)
Михайло Федорович Хорошуха 154-156
Methodology for predicting the young wrestlers success of sporting activities in various stages of ontogeny PDF (Русский)
Владимир Анатольевич Хорьяков 157-160
Differences between the motor status of young prepubescent boys and girls PDF
Саша Маркович, Кристина Маркович, Сергей Иванович Крамской 161-163
Relationship between medicine ball explosive power tests, throwing ball velocity and jump performance in team handball players PDF
Мурад Фатхлун, Сухаил Хермаси, Мохамед Сухаил Щелли, Абделкрим Бен Себаа 164-