No 2 (2016)

Table of Contents

Development of elite sportsmen’s training system PDF
T.K. Yessentayev 4-10
Principles of creation of complex physical rehabilitation program for children after cochlear implantation PDF
O.M. Zastavna 11-18
Effectiveness of health tourism application as the basis of health related recreational technology in primary school pupils’ physical education PDF
V.O. Kashuba, N.N. Goncharova, H.O. Butenko 19-25
Modern problems of perfection of elite light athletic sportsmen’s technical skillfulness perfection PDF
A.V. Kolot 26-33
Optimization of treaining process in pre-start fencing training on the base of out-of-training means’ of mobilization orientation application PDF
G.O. Lopatenko 34-39
The methodical approach to determining the heterogeneity of cognitive function in preschool children requiring correction of speech impediments PDF
N.B. Petrenko 40-45
Peculiar features of men physical condition in planning highly intensive physical loads in winter period PDF
O.B. Pryshva 46-51
Analysis of possibility of competition distances’ combinations, realized by elite swimmers on the base of individual indicators of technical-tactic actions PDF
V.V. Skyriene 52-58
Comparative analysis of foot support-spring indicators of primary school age children with weak eyesight in physical education process PDF
Habіb Juha, A.A. Yurchenko, K.N. Sergіenko 59-65
Modern approach to implementation of health related technology for primary school children PDF
L.V. Shuba 66-71
Study of author’s applied physical training program for military officers-graduates of reserve officers’ departments PDF
A.I. Yavorskyy 72-77