No 4 (2012)

Table of Contents

Contribution of Alexey Butovsky to theory and practice at physical education of Russian military academies and troops of the armed forces of Russia PDF (Русский)
S.N. Bubka 5-8
Modern approaches to sports technique improving PDF (Русский)
R.F. Akhmetov 9-11
The influence of cheerleading exercises on the schoolchildren's physical health of 5-9th forms PDF (Русский)
T.M. Bala 12-16
Structure of lessons of physical culture in general educational establishments PDF (Русский)
Y.V. Vaskov 17-20
Ratio changes between "dose-effect" of working capacity by stimulation influences means for qualified athletes in rowing PDF (Русский)
V.Ye. Vinogradov 21-24
Assessment of physical and special training of border guards to the profession the first age group PDF (Русский)
V.L. Volkov 25-28
The application of additional respiration resistance on exhale for increasing special endurance of highly qualified rowers PDF (Русский)
S.V. Grechuha, O.V. Kalenichenko, S.O. Kovalenko 29-35
Mechanisms of influence of probiotic "Laminolact Sporting" on the indexes of special trained of skilled sportsmen PDF (Русский)
L.M. Gunina 36-43
A differentiated approach in the sporting dance studies with teenagers of 13 years old PDF (Русский)
O.N. Demidova 44-48
Opened athletic-educational space - the condition of professional development of future teacher of physical culture is needed PDF (Русский)
Y.V. Dragnev 49-51
as a marker for predisposition to sports PDF (Русский)
S.B. Drozdovska, O.A. Borovik, V.E. Docenko, V.N. Ilyin 52-57
Essential problems of control in physical education of students in high education established PDF (Русский)
T.I. Dukh, I.R. Bodnar 58-61
Theoretical and methodical going near development of coordinating capabilities of young people PDF (Русский)
A.N. Kolumbet 62-65
The low youth motivation for physical training or sports is the problem of healthy lifestyle forming PDF (Русский)
N.M. Kulish, S.I. Horodinskiy, N.M. Bukoros 66-70
Monitoring technologies at employment tae kwon do WTF and bodybuilding. PDF (Русский)
O.V. Litvinova, V.A. Bomin, V.U. Lebedinsky 71-74
Influence of the training loading on the program paralympic junior sport school on the indexes of physical qualities of young tennis players 6-8 years PDF (Русский)
V.S. Loboda, V.V. Mulik, L.V. Dugina, T.P. Harchenko 75-77
A state of problem of energy expenses and rational nutrition determination of young sportsmen in team games PDF (Русский)
I.G. Maksimenko 78-80
Increase of physical capacity of children with congenital clubfoot by means of physical rehabilitation PDF (Русский)
N.E. Mikhailova 81-84
Features of self-control indicators in wellness walking elder people PDF (Русский)
T.D. Myhalchuk 85-87
Structurally-substaintial model of specialists of army profile PDF (Русский)
I.Yu. Mikhuta, V.E. Vasyuk 88-95
Marketing of coaches' distant improvement of professional skills PDF (Русский)
О.A. Petrova, V.V. Tomashevskyy 96-102
The technique of the six-tact crawl with the cross kicks PDF (Русский)
Y.V. Sedlyar, A.I. Nosov 103-106
Management of female handball players' activity applying interactive technologies PDF (Русский)
L.S. Frolova, I.D. Glazyrin, Y.O. Petrenko, E. Rudenko, M. Udod 107-113
Studying the interconnection between young sportsmen's deaths and their training process direction (due to the author's retrospective observations). PDF (Русский)
M.F. Khoroshukha 114-117
Conditions and features of students' motivation to physical activity of wellness orientation at the present stage of realization physical education in high schools PDF (Русский)
Y.V. Yurchyshyn 118-122
The analysis of sizes of physical loads at the period of special training in goalball PDF (Русский)
Eugeniusz. Bolach, Bartosz. Bolach, Juliusz. Migasiewicz, Zdzislaw. Paliga, Tetyana. Prystupa, Elzbieta. Marciniszyn 123-134
Breach of sensory integration in children and youth PDF (Русский)
Mariya. Radziyevska, Ewelina. Dziągwa, Pawel. Radziyevsky 135-140