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No 10 (2011) The dynamics of covering 1 km distance in rowing and canoeing on 2009-2011 world championships Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Станислав Александрович Коваленко, Сергей Васильевич Гречуха
No 2 (2012) The effectiveness of different options for the content of lessons to improve the physical condition of primary school age children in physical education Abstract   PDF (Русский)
V.V. Slyusarchuk
No 8 (2012) The effectiveness of experimental technology of attracting students to physical activity in improving orientation of physical condition Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Y.V. Yurchyshyn, M.V. Dutchak
No 4 (2011) The effectiveness of the developed program of 10-13 years girls' coordinative abilities who are going in for calisthenics Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Жанна Андреевна Белокопытова, Виктория Александровна Лаврентьева, Людмила Константиновна Кожевникова
No 10 (2011) The effectiveness of the implementation methods of forming a psychophysical readiness for future law enforcement officers to work in conditions of risk Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Валентин Владимирович Бондаренко
No 1 (2011) The effectiveness of the program kinesitherapy men aged 45-65 years after coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) Abstract   PDF (Polski)
Сергей Сидорович Ермаков, Кристоф Прусик, Л. Белава, Б. Станкевич
No 2 (2012) The effectiveness study of the physiotherapy techniques with infiltrative pulmonary tuberculosis using external respiration indicators Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Y.S. Kalmykova, S.A. Kalmykov
Hefzollesan Mehrdad, Ghalehgi Sohrab, Behpoor Naser
No 11 (2012) The evaluation of the efficiency of introducing the model of the methodical system of physical education of agrarian students Abstract   PDF (Русский)
G.P. Gryban
No 7 (2011) The features of perception and processing of visual information in boxers with different style of match Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Георгий Валериевич Коробейников, Леся Григорьевна Коробейникова, Виктор Владимирович Аксютин
No 1 (2011) The features of realization of general functional potential of organism qualified kayakists in the conditions of implementation of training and competition loading Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Наталья Петровна Спичак
No 3 (2011) The features of technical preparedness of athletes in a relay-race Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Светлана Ивановна Караулова, Евгений Павлович Маркаданов
No 4 (2011) The formation of the systems of wellness wallking classes for the elderly Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Татьяна Дмитриевна Михальчук
No 11 (2012) The functional state of cardiovascular system for boys 10 - 11 years old after static exercises with deadweight of body Abstract   PDF (Русский)
E.M. Proskurov
No 11 (2011) The functional state of the neuromuscular system in athletes weightlifting at different types of weather Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Зиновий Иосифович Кульчицкий
No 9 (2011) The functionality of canoeists specializing in competitive distance 200 meters Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Пенчен Го
No 11 (2012) The gravimetric coefficient of indexes of integral estimation of readiness of future officers to the management physical preparation Abstract   PDF (Русский)
O.M. Ol'khoviy
No 3 (2012) The higher school teaching staff professional development system creation on the adaptive management principles Abstract   PDF (Русский)
T.A. Borova
No 9 (2011) The impact of physical training lessons organization for the health of primary school children Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Людмила Викторовна Шуба
No 10 (2012) The impact of the individualization of physical education in higher education on the functional state students. Abstract   PDF (Русский)
L.N. Barybina
No 10 (2012) The impact of the individualization of physical education in higher education on the functional state students. Abstract   PDF (Русский)
L.N. Barybina
No 4 (2011) The impact of track and field sports professionalization on age limits of athletes sports skills qualifications saving Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Елена Костантиновна Козлова
No 2 (2012) The improvement of coordination abilities of young gymnasts aged 7-8 years Abstract   PDF (Русский)
A.Ya. Mulligildina, A.Kh. Deyneko, I.V. Krasova
No 4 (2011) The improving walking and running are the universal means of impellent activity Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Лидия Анатолиевна Конова
No 4 (2012) The influence of cheerleading exercises on the schoolchildren's physical health of 5-9th forms Abstract   PDF (Русский)
T.M. Bala
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