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Francisco Salzano

Francisco Salzano
Biological Science Institute, Porto Alegre, RS, Бразилия

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Professional (scientific) interests: Molecular and population genetics; Human evolution

Selected Publications:

1. Salzano, F. M. African-derived South American populations: a history of symmetrical and asymmetrical matings according to sex revealed by bi- and uni-parental genetic markers [Text] / F. M. Salzano, R. Mirandola, G. Remonatto, D. Castro De Guerra, J. R. Silva, M. C. Bortolini, T. A. Weimer, M. H. Hutz, M. A. Zago, M. C. B. O. Silva // American Journal of Human Biology. – 1999. – Vol. 11. – P. 551–563.

2. Hutz, M. H. Variability in nDNA, mtDNA and proteins: a test case [Text] / M. H. Hutz, S. M. Callegari-Jacques, M. C. Bortolini, F. M. Salzano. – Genomic Diversity: Applications in Human Population Genetics, 1999. – P. 23–32.

3. Franco, M. H. L. P. Albumin genetic variability in South America: population distribution and molecular studies [Text] / M. H. L. P. Franco, S. O. Brennan, E. K. M. Chua, U. Kragh-Hansen, S. M. Callegari-Jacques, M. Z. P. J. Bezerra, F. M. Salzano // American Journal of Human Biology. – 1999. – Vol. 11. – P. 359–366.

4. Salzano, F. M. Genetics, environment and social problems. A view from the Third World [Text] / F. M. Salzano. –Excessive Human Population Growth and Human Geneticists, 1999. – P. 11–19.

5. Salzano, F. M. Permanence or change? The meaning of genetic variation [Text] / F. M. Salzano // Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA. – 2000. – Vol. 97. – P. 5317–5321.