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Edward Muntean

Edward Muntean
University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj Napoca, Romania

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Professional (scientific) interests

- Analytical Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis
- Chemistry and biochemistry of carotenoids: extraction techniques, isolation, purification, analysis, biological effects and uses in food technology
- Analytical and semi-preparative chromatographic techniques: high performance liquid chromatography, open column chromatography, flash chromatography, thin layer chromatography, solid phase extraction
- HPLC analysis of food additives, biologically active compounds, xenobiotics and pollutants from food and environmental (water, plant, soil) matrices

Chemometry and statistical analysis of experimental data

Qualifications :

2005, M.Sc. in plant extracts’ biochemistry and biotechnology, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (USAMV) Cluj Napoca.
2003, PHd in chemistry, Babes Bolyai University (UBB) Cluj Napoca.
2003, Postgraduate academic studies in applied Informatics and Programming, Technical University, Cluj Napoca
1993, B.Sc. in chemical engineering, faculty of chemistry and industrial chemistry, Babes Bolyai University Cluj Napoca.


Selected Publications:

1. Kończyk, J., Muntean, E., Gega, J., Frymus, A., Michalski, R. (2019). Major inorganic anions and cations in selected European bottled waters. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 197, 27–36. doi: 

2. Muntean, E., & Mihaiescu, T. (2016). Groundwater quality studies in two transylvanian rural communities using parallel ion chromatography. Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 15 (12), 2703–2708. doi: 

3. Mihaiescu, R., Pop, A. I., Mihaiescu, T., Muntean, E., Beldean, S., Muntean, N. et. al. (2012). Physico-chemical characteristics of the karst lake Ighiu (Romania). Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 11 (3), 623–626. doi: 

4. Muntean, E., Alhafez, L., Muntean, N., Mihaiescu, T., Mihaiescu, R., Ristoiu, D. (2012). Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in wastewater sewerage system from the cluj-napoca area. Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 11 (1), 5–12. doi: 

5. Muntean, E. (2010). Simultaneous Carbohydrate Chromatography and Unsuppressed Ion Chromatography in Detecting Fruit Juices Adulteration. Chromatographia, 71 (S1), 69–74. doi: 

6. Muntean, E. (2010) Simultaneous carbohydrate chromatography and unsuppressed ion chromatography in detecting fruit juices adulteration. Chromatographia Supplement, 71, 69–74.

7. Muntean, E., Bercea, V., Muntean, N., Dragos, N. (2008). Changes in carotenoid pattern in Mougeotia spp. algae induced by high light stress. Chem.Listy, 102, 439–440.