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Wei-Ting Chen

Wei-Ting Chen
National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (YunTech), Yinlin, Taiwan, Province of China

Ph.D., Graduate School of Engineering Science and Technology

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Professional (scientific) interests: Thermal Stability Analysis for Reactive Materials; Process Safety; Runaway Reactions; Chemical Emergency Response Techniques; Waste and Wastewater Recovery and Recycle


Selected Publications:

1. Chen, W.-T., Ma, C.-C., Lee, M.-H., Chu, Y.-C., Tsai, L.-C., Shu, C.-M. (2012). Silver recovery and chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal from waste fixer solutions. Applied Energy, 100, 187–192. doi: 

2. Chen, W.-T., Shu, C.-M. (2012). CO2 reduction for a low-carbon community: A city perspective in Taiwan. Separation and Purification Technology, 94, 154–159. doi: 

3. Hsieh, T.-F., Chuang, C.-C., Chen, W.-J., Huang, J.-H., Chen, W.-T., Shu, C.-M. (2012). Hydrous ruthenium dioxide/multi-walled carbon-nanotube/titanium electrodes for supercapacitors. Carbon, 50 (5), 1740–1747. doi: 

4. Chen, W.-T., Tsai, L.-C., Tsai, F.-C., Shu, C.-M. (2012). Recovery of Gallium and Arsenic from Gallium Arsenide Waste in the Electronics Industry. CLEAN – Soil, Air, Water, 40 (5), 531–537. doi: 

5. Lai, K.-C., Chen, J.-W., Chen, W.-T., Wan, T.-J., Wen, J.-C., Shu, C.-M. (2014). Applications of the Taguchi Method for Key Parameter Screening in Electrodialysis Reversal Used for High Salinity Wastewater. CLEAN – Soil, Air, Water, 42 (12), 1751–1758. doi: 

6. Lai, K.-C., Wen, J.-C., Chen, W.-T., Chen, C.-M., Huang, S.-Y., Shen, S.-M., Shu, C.-M. (2016). Industrial Wastewater COD Degradation Technology-Taiwan Solar Cell Plant. CLEAN – Soil, Air, Water, 44 (4), 333–338. doi: