Hubert Daisley

Hubert Daisley
University Of The West Indies, Тринидад и Тобаго


Paraclinical sciences


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Professional (scientific) interests: pathology. microbiology. patho-physiology of diseases.


Selected Publications:

1. Daisley, H. Cytophagic histiocytic panniculitis associated with HBe hemoglobinopathy in a patient with hemophagocytic syndrome [Text] / H. Daisley // Our Dermatol. – 2013. – Vol. 4, Issue 3. – P. 354–355. doi: 10.7241/ourd.20133.88.1

2. Ogunsalu, C. Comparative study of the osteoblastic activity of two implant systems (Endopore versus Entegra) utilizing single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT): experimental study in pigs model [Text] / C. Ogunsalu, A. Archibald, J. Watkins, C. Stoian, C. Ezeokoli, H. Daisley, C. Legall, S. Lorde, K. Jackson, D. Jaggernauth, A. Nelson, N. Mungal // West Indian Med J. – 2013. – Vol. 62, Issue 2. – P. 145–158.

3. Ogunsalu, C. Prevalence and antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of pathogens isolated from patients with juvenile periodontitis in Jamaica: A prospective multi-centre study of 15 cases over a 15-year period [Text] / C. Ogunsalu, H. Daisley, P. E. Akpaka // West Indian Med J. – 2011. – Vol. 60, Issue 2. – P. 235–239.

4. Ogunsalu, C. Comparative study of osteoblastic activity of same implants (endopore) in the immediate extraction site utilizing single photon emission computerized tomography: Peri-implant autogeneous bone grafting with GTR versus no peri-implant bone grafting - experimental study in pig model [Text] / C. Ogunsalu, C. Ezeokoli, A. Archibald, J. Watkins, C. Stoian, H. Daisley, C. Legall, S. Lorde, K. Jackson, D. Jaggernauth, A. Nelson, N. Mungal // West Indian Med J. – 2011. – Vol. 60, Issue 3. – P. 336–339.

5. Konradsen, F. Reducing acute poisoning in developing countries—options for restricting the availability of pesticides [Text] / F. Konradsen, W. van der Hoek, D. C. Cole, G. Hutchinson, H. Daisley, S. Singh, M. Eddleston // Toxicology. – 2003. – Vol. 192, Issue 2-3. – P. 249–261. doi:10.1016/s0300-483x(03)00339-1

6. Daisley, H. Forensic pathology and the Caribbean [Text] / H. Daisley // West Indian Med J. – 2002. – Vol. 51, Issue 4. – P. 211.

7. Ogunsalu, C. Odontogenic keratocyst in Jamaica: A review of five new cases and five instances of recurrence together with comparative analyses of four treatment modalities [Text] / C. Ogunsalu, H. Daisley, A. Kamta, D. Kanhai, M. Mankee, A. Maharaj // West Indian Med J. – 2007. – Vol. 56, Issue 1. – P. 90–95.