Marina Carini

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University of Milan, Италия


Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences – Faculty of Pharmacy


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Marina Carini has gained a long-standing expertise in the following main fields: pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and biomedical analysis; toxicological chemistry; chemistry of free radicals and reactive carbonyl species (RCS) generated by lipid peroxidation; chemical and biochemical mechanisms of action of antioxidants and of RCS-sequestering agents; development of bioanalytical methods to detect free radical-mediated oxidative/carbonyl damage in cells, plasma and tissues; peptidomics and proteomics by mass spectrometric approaches. Owing to the availability of suitable and innovative instrumentation, the research of the last years has been focused on the development and application of mass spectrometric methods (LC-MS/MS) to identify new compounds (natural or synthetic) able to trap and detoxify RCS, and in proteomics, to study covalently-modified proteins and ligand-protein interactions.


Основные публикации:

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