Using adaptive antenna array in LTE with MIMO for space-time processing


  • Abdourahamane Ahmed Ali Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics ave. Lenina, 14, Kharkov, Ukraine, 61000, Ukraine



throughput, pattern, attenuator of signal, adaptation, LTE, MIMO


The actual methods of improvement the existent wireless transmission systems are proposed. Mathematical apparatus is considered and proved by models, graph of which are shown, using the adaptive array antenna in LTE with MIMO for space-time processing. The results show that improvements, which are joined with space-time processing, positively reflects on LTE cell size or on throughput

Author Biography

Abdourahamane Ahmed Ali, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics ave. Lenina, 14, Kharkov, Ukraine, 61000

Postgraduate Student

Department of Telecommunication Systems and Networks


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Technical Sciences