Prospects of application test systems for control extemporal medicines




extemporal medicines, quality control, chemical test-kits, reactive test strips


Test-kits andcorresponding test methods of analysis are widely used in various fields of human activity. These analytical tools are perspective for quality control of extemporal medicines (EM).

Goal. The aims of the work were to analyze the assortment of test-kits, to establish the possibility of using and to determine the way of implementation test kits in quality control of extemporal medicines.

Methods. Reviewof commercially available test-kits and analysis of their eligibility for the purposes of the quality control and their prices.

Results. The optimal form of test-kits for quality control of extemporal medicines is reactive test strips. The chemical test-kits, produced by “LaMotte”, “Merck”, “Сrystmas +”,are available for purchase and designed for the detection and semi-quantitative analysis of cations, anions and limited range of organic substances. These test-kits can be used to identify inorganic components of extemporal medicines, but narrow specialty, high price and the lack of test kits for the analysis of most organic components of EM makes it difficult to realize their potential in quality control. That is why the development of simple, cheap and standardized test kits is important and will significantly simplify the process of quality control.

Conclusions. The results that were obtained indicate the need to develop a simple and effective test kit for quality control of a wide range of organic components of extemporal medicines

Author Biographies

Вадим Віталійович Прокопець, National University of Pharmacy 53 Pushkinska str., Kharkov, Ukraine, 61002

Department of pharmaceutical chemistry

Олександр Анатолійович Здорик, National University of Pharmacy 53 Pushkinska str., Kharkov, Ukraine, 61002

Associate professor, Candidate of pharmaceutical science

Department of pharmaceutical chemistry

Вікторія Акоповна Георгіянц, National University of Pharmacy 53 Pushkinska str., Kharkov, Ukraine, 61002

Professor, Doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, head of the department

Department of pharmaceutical chemistry


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