No 11 (2019)

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Efficiency assessment of economic activity of small agricultural enterprises in the decentralization process PDF (Українська)
Oksana Nazarkevych 6-12
Governance of public-private partnership in Azerbaijan PDF (Русский)
Gulshan Mustafa Mustafayeva 13-19


The case of Kosovo status in the Balkan policy of European union PDF
Sergey Asaturov, Andrei Martynov 20-23

Technical Sciences

Investigations of system water of berry jams by low-temperature calorimetric method PDF (Українська)
Micola Pogozhikh, Andrey Pak, Alina Pak, Yevhen Nechai 24-28
Development of a method for creating a city site with an interactive map PDF (Українська)
Ganna Makarenko 29-31
Thermodynamic calculations of slavsonite synthesis reactions PDF (Українська)
Georgij Lisachuk, Olena Fedorenko, Ruslan Kryvobok, Artem Zakharov 32-36

Physics and mathematics

Application of the Bjerrum model to pure water electric conductivity PDF (Русский)
Nikolay Malafayev 37-42
A study of repeated bursts FRB 121102 as a radiation from cusps on superconducting cosmic string PDF (Українська)
Lidiia Zadorozhna, Olena Teslyk 43-48