Vol 2, No 1 (19) (2016)

Table of Contents

Biological sciences

Blood as integral system of an organism PDF (Русский)
Майя Розметовна Верголяс 7-11
Determination of the level of spontaneous and induced chromosome abnormalities in peripheral blood lymphocytes of patients with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis PDF (Українська)
Олена Вікторівна Медзяновська 12-16
The dorsal root damage identifications by the longitudal distribution of the evoked potentials of spinal cord PDF (Русский)
Олег Олегович Шугуров 16-22

Geological and geographical sciences

Coal exotic fitomass from upper cretaceous deposits of the stryy formation of the Ukrainian Carpathians – a source of solid, liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons PDF (Українська)
Василь Іванович Узіюк, Ігор Володимирович Шайнога 23-29


Algorithm of developing competitive strategies and the trends of realizing them for agricultural enterprises PDF
Viktoriia Boiko 30-34
Necessity and directions of improvement of the system of state financial control in Ukraine as the requirement of present PDF (Українська)
Євген Миколайович Романів, Деніза Вадимівна Долбнєва 35-38
Interest-free financing: problems and challenges PDF (Русский)
Ирина Зотовна Ярыгина 39-42
Intellectual capital management as the integral part of enterprise’s management PDF (Українська)
Аліна Олександрівна Осаул 42-46
Classification of revenues and expenses during the treasury services of the state budget in the conditions of european integration PDF (Українська)
Наталія Іванівна Сушко 47-54
The informal venture capital market in developed countries and its features in Ukraine PDF (Українська)
Олена Миколаївна Шевченко 54-60
Sharpening of the contradictions in the "health economics" sector PDF (Українська)
Анна Сергіївна Соколенко 60-67


Destructive forces as determinants of regression process of state apparatus of Ukrainian State of hetman Skoropadsky PDF (Українська)
Микола Миколайович Приходько 68-73


Province lifestyle from the standpoint of memoirist PDF (Русский)
Алла Іванівна Литвиненко 74-79

Philosophical sciences

Virtual space as a social technology PDF (Русский)
Марьяна Викторовна Пальчинская 80-84