Vol 12, No 1 (29) (2016)

Table of Contents

Biological sciences

Analysis of annotated list of toxigenic micromycetes in different coenosis of Azerbaijan PDF (Русский)
Конул Фаррух кызы Бахшалиева 6-10
Investigation of psychomotor and neurophysiological peculiarities of the brain activity of the deaf persons PDF (Українська)
Лілія Іванівна Юхименко 11-13


Analysis of "anti-crisis strategy" definition essence and its role in enterprise anti-crisis management PDF (Українська)
Тетяна Олександрівна Ставерська, Олена Валеріївна Жилякова 14-17


Question of Ukrainian liberation movement in the middle of the xx century in the activities of political parties in Ukraine (2005 – 2014) PDF (Українська)
Олексій Анатолійович Попович 18-22
Analysis of Ukrainian ethno-cultural and ethic processes in the first half of XVII century PDF (Українська)
Юрій Степанович Фігурний 22-26
Comprehending by youth in the diaspora of their’s appointment in the struggle of the Ukrainian people for independence (1960s years) PDF
Oleh Yaroshynskyi 26-30


Complex rehabilitation of patients with coronary artery disease and hypertension after surgical myocardial revascularization PDF (Українська)
Олена Володимирівна Колоденко 31-34


Analysis of education conditions in higher educational institutions of Ukraine PDF (Українська)
Олександр Петрович Бурмістенков, Світлана Анатоліївна Демішонкова 35-38
Investigation of historical evolution stages of the term "pedagogical innovation" in modern scientific discourse PDF (Українська)
Світлана Миколаївна Ефендієва 38-41


Narrative tension analysis: reader`s and text aspects PDF (Русский)
Анна Вениаминовна Лещенко 42-45

Philosophical sciences

Cultural and aesthetic dominant of the initiation in hairdressing (on the example of primitive culture) PDF (Українська)
Ольга Петрівна Костюк 46-49


The analysis of contemporary legal standards and principles in mass media performance: a domestic and international law overview PDF
Anatoliy Lytvynenko 50-58