A comparative analysis of young tennis player target accuracy when using balls inflated under different pressures

Dmytro Krylov


Purpose: make a comparative analysis of the target accuracy of ten-year tennis players in performing test exercises with balls with a pressure of 75% of the standard and balls with standard pressure.

Material & Methods: in the study participated 8 tennis players of ten years of age, the group 5 years of training. In the course of the research, the following methods were used: analysis and generalization of literature sources, analysis of documentary materials, testing, method of expert evaluations.

Results: replacing balls with a pressure of 75% of the standard for standard leads to a deterioration in the target accuracy of ten-year tennis players, which is a consequence of distortion of the technical characteristics of movements.

Conclusion: results of the study indicate the need for correction of the technique of players of this age in the transition from balls with a pressure of 75% from the standard to standard.


tennis player; the assessment of technology; the target accuracy of the ten-year-old athletes

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