Main components of a long-term prediction structure when selecting and organizing sports activity for children at the initial stage of multi-year athletes’ training

Abdulvahid Dlshad Nihad


Purpose: systematize the existing criteria for the long-term diagnosis of the predisposition of children to the successful development of a specific feature of the arsenal of competitive exercises in sports gymnastics diagnosis of children's predisposition to the successful development of a specific feature of the arsenal of competitive exercises in gymnastics.

Material & Methods: material for this work was the empirical results obtained in the study, which, when presented in semantic spaces with a single measure introduced in them, give a certain ranked structure of their orderly representation. In this representation of empirical data, there are quite pronounced analytic relationships that allow us to establish general patterns of this ordering of data and to determine on the basis of general regularities individual features that affect the variability of the behavior of general laws. Main method is the statistical processing of empirical data on the basis of which geometric constructions were carried out, which were approximated by analytical expressions and their subsequent analysis.

Results: based on the conducted studies and the subsequent analysis of the structure of long-term criteria for the evaluation of the measure of prospects, based on the phylogenetic characteristics of their manifestation, a set of necessary sufficiency of these criteria.

Conclusion: in the existing structure of long-term criteria for selecting and orienting children for gymnastics, along with a successful decision to assess the kinematic and dynamic characteristics of motor activity in determining the significance of their share participation in performing competitive exercises remain unaccounted for and lack reliable criteria for assessing motor abilities and motor properties, which significantly reduces the effectiveness of long-term prognosis.


long-term prognosis; selection; biological age; physical qualities; properties; abilities

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.