Legal Regime of sports volunteering

Iryna Petrenko


Purpose: to investigate the legal regime regarding sports volunteering in Ukraine.

Material & Methods: disclosed the concept of "legal regime", "sports law". Regulatory and legislative documents on volunteer activity of various countries of the world and Ukraine are considered.

Results: the current state of the regulatory and legal support for sports volunteerism in Ukraine is analyzed.

Conclusions: analysis of normative and legal documents on volunteer activity has shown that for today there is no legislatively fixed term "sports volunteering" and the main provisions for increasing the social significance of sports volunteering, removing obstacles to the use of volunteer assistance in organizing and conducting mass sports and health events and sports competitions of the state values. It is not determined who can be the founder of sports volunteer organizations, what is the procedure for registering these organizations and the principles for exercising state control over their activities.


sports volunteering; legal regime; sports legislation; regulatory support

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