Functional status of rowers on kayaks in the process of preliminary selection

Volodymyr Bogush, Konstantin Bogatyirev, Oksana Reznichenko, Olga Sokol, Irina Veselova, Vladimir Farionov


Purpose: conduct a comprehensive study of the functional status of athletes specializing in rowing, for the subsequent determination of the prospects in this sport.

Material & Methods: students of various sports schools in the age group of 13–14 years were examined, young men – 23 people, girls – 28 people, a total of 51 athletes’. Individual indicators were determined by the method of measuring the effect of the training action developed by us, and visual-motor and auditory-motor reactions, the level of musculo-articular sensitivity and coordination of movements, the power of forced inspiration and exhalation were measured.

Results: the conducted studies characterize the functional state and functional capabilities of the body of athletes. The optimal structure of sports activities contributes to their improvement, which, based on the laws of development of physical qualities, in this age period, can not significantly affect the level of sports results, but it has a great impact on the emergence of a corresponding functional basis and maximum realization of individual abilities. Features of the reaction of the body of athletes are a manifestation of effective individual adaptation to intense and complex stimuli of training and competitive activity.

Conclusion: proposed tests for measuring the effect of the training action, electromyoreflexometry, pneumotachometry and reverse dynamometry are quite informative in sports practice and allow you to determine and evaluate the individual prerequisites for sports achievements, to identify the individual characteristics of the athlete's body, the possibility of correcting them and managing the training process.


rowing on kayaks; functional state; measurement of the effect of the training action; electromyoreflexometry; pneumotachometry; reversible dynamometry

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