Mechanism of formation of competitiveness of non-Olympic sports

Nataliiya Sereda


The article analyzes the competitiveness of non-Olympic sports in Kharkiv. A mechanism for the formation of competitiveness non-Olympic sports are proposed.

Purpose: develop a mechanism for the formation of competitiveness of non-Olympic sports.

Material & Methods: analysis of literary sources and documents, questioning, organizational modeling, methods of marketing analysis (SWOT-analysis), expert assessment, methods of mathematical statistics. The research was conducted in 5 sports schools in Kharkiv, where non-Olympic sports are cultivated. In total, 136 people participated in the study. The composition of the respondents included: directors, deputy directors, methodologists, trainers.

Results: on the basis of marketing analysis, the mechanism of formation of competitiveness of non-Olympic sports was revealed.

Conclusions: as a result of the study, information on the formation of the competitiveness mechanism for non-Olympic sports has been summarized. A competitiveness mechanism was developed for non-Olympic sports and the effectiveness of the developed mechanism was confirmed using the method of expert assessments.


marketing; competitiveness; non-Olympic sports

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