Purpose: to investigate the influence of the use of additional equipment, namely, rubber bands, on the development of power indicators of highly qualified powerlifters.

Material and methods: 20 highly qualified powerlifters were involved in the study.

Results: found that the use of additional equipment in powerlifting contributes to a more effective development of athletes' strength qualities, and therefore, leads to an increase in sports results in squatting, bench press and deadlift. The use of additional equipment makes it possible to perform exercises using rubber bands. Rubber bands are fixed in the power frame from above, after which they are stretched and attached to the bar, due to the stretching of the bands, the athlete has the opportunity to facilitate lifting at the lowest point. The help of the expander at the bottom point is the greatest, and at the top point is absent. These exercises are recommended for highly qualified athletes, when using them, it is necessary to closely monitor the technique of performing the exercises, since in the last phases of the exercises muscle fatigue is observed and the technique of performing the exercise is often violated. The sportsmen of the experimental group used exercises with a rubber expander in the preparatory period for the development of strength qualities in competitive exercises: squats with a barbell, bench press, deadlift. During the training period, we performed 768 barbell lifts in squats, equal to 169,000 kilograms, 1020 lifts in the bench press, equal to 141 thousand kilograms, 720 lifts in deadlift, equal to 165,000 kilograms. During the study period, the control and experimental groups increased their indicators: in squatting with a barbell (control - 10 kg, experimental - 15 kg; t=2,82; p<0,05); bench press (respectively - 5 kg, 10 kg; t=1,81; p>0,05) deadlift (respectively - 5 kg, 15 kg t=1,63 p>0,05), which gives a more significant increase the result of the experimental group on the control.

Conclusions: it was found that the use of this method contributes to a more effective development of power indicators, and therefore leads to an increase in sports results in all three disciplines of powerlifting.

Keywords: powerlifting, additional equipment, squats, rubber expander.


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