Purpose: to determine the features of physical development, special swimming and technical preparedness of qualified water polo players who perform the function of central defenders.

Material and methods: analysis and generalization of literary sources, anthropometric and physiological measurements, timing, assessment of special swimming, physical and technical preparedness by using tests, methods of mathematical statistics. The contingent of the surveyed consisted of athletes who have the playing role of central defenders. The level of their sports qualifications corresponded to the titles of master of sport of Ukraine and candidate for master of sports of Ukraine in water polo. The total number of surveyed people is 10 athletes.

Results: characterized the components of the structure of special preparedness of qualified water polo players who perform the function of central defenders, researched the degree of interconnection between indicators of the level of physical development, special swimming and technical preparedness of defense players, determined the profile parameters of the structure of special preparedness, which determine the effective actions of central defenders in men's water polo.

Conclusions: the structure of the special preparedness of qualified water polo players who perform the functions of central defenders has its own characteristics. Athletes of this playing role are characterized by significant linear dimensions of the limbs and their segments, hand strength, powerful motor actions during the game, fast overcoming distances with the ball, and long-distance throws. The defense players have the closest correlation relationship between the indicators of technical and special swimming preparedness. Determination of the features of the structure of special preparedness on the basis of a complex analysis of parameters, which reflecting the level of physical development, technical and special swimming preparedness of players of different roles, allows to effectively differentiate the training process in modern water polo.

Keywords: water polo, central defenders, structure of special preparedness, components, interconnection, model characteristics.  


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