Improvement of sports preparedness of young taekwondists

Konstantin Ananchenko, Rusudan Arkaniya


Purpose: to prove the directions of improvement of sports preparedness of young taekwondists for the purpose of improvement of results of their competitive activity and technical-tactical skill.

Material & Methods: the following methods are used during the research: theoretical analysis and synthesis of scientific and methodical references; pedagogical supervision, poll of 19 leading experts and experts on taekwondo and 24 young taekwondists, questioning; analysis of video records of competitive activity of young taekwondists; method of tests; method of expert evaluations; pedagogical experiment; timekeeping; modeling.

Results: it is proved that the directing activity of a coach gains the exclusive value for the improvement of sports skill and the increase of efficiency of the training process of young taekwondists, on the one hand, and, on the other hand – the use of the correcting information at the purposeful self-checking of taekwondists; negative tendencies in the modern training process of young taekwondists are defined.

Conclusions: the use of complex of the specialized trainers and the method of a circuit training allows teaching quite really young taekwondists attacking and defensive actions, promotes the essential improvement of sports preparedness of young taekwondists; the assessment procedure of sports preparedness of young taekwondists has to consider elements of the productive and often applied technical actions in competitive duel meets.


taekwondo; taekwondist; trainings; competitive technique; specialized trainers

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.