Vol 7, No 2(70) (2019)

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Features of the respiratory and cardiovascular system responses of girls 10–12 years of age on the swimming load PDF
Natalia Balamutova, Grigory Kucherenko, Svetlana Shiryaeva, Liliya Sheyko 4-8
Functional status of rowers on kayaks in the process of preliminary selection PDF
Volodymyr Bogush, Konstantin Bogatyirev, Oksana Reznichenko, Olga Sokol, Irina Veselova, Vladimir Farionov 9-14
Results of using professional motor test in the program of physical rehabilitation of football players after injuries of the ankle joint PDF
Youssef Charbel, Tetiana Podkopai, Denis Podkopai 15-19
Motivational-emotional and cognitive factors of sports preparedness of young basketball players PDF
Liudmyla Frolova, Andrii Tymofeev, Irina Khomenko 20-25
Analysis of indicators of physical development of children of senior preschool age PDF
Lilia Honchar, Yuliia Borysova 26-30
Features of technical and tactical actions of highly skilled athletes when swimming a distance of 100 meters by front crawl PDF
Olga Pilipko 31-35
Monitoring student performance using computer technology PDF
Vyacheslav Romanenko, Yura Tropin, Natalya Boychenko, Valeriy Goloha 36-39
Age features of structural rearrangements of the vertebral motor segment in conditions of limited motor activity PDF
Andrii Sak, Raisa Antipova 40-44
Mechanism of formation of competitiveness of non-Olympic sports PDF
Nataliiya Sereda 45-48
Changes in the indicators of the physical condition of students under the influence of classes in sports sections PDF
Ihor Sukhenko 49-53
Improving the culture of performing competitive compositions by young gymnasts through the use of non-traditional means of training PDF
Vasyl Sutula, Alfiya Deyneko, Olha Riabchenko 54-57
Relationship between power strength and anaerobic power index as a clear picture of the effect of strength training among young soccer elite players PDF
Mohammed Zerf, Mohamed Arab. Kerroum, Bouabdellah S.B.A. 58-63
Effectiveness of the use of aquaaerobics in the process of sectional classes in swimming students 18–19 years PDF
Yuriy Zhuravlev, Nikolai Malikov 64-67