Vol 7, No 4(72) (2019)

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Table of Contents

Determining the effectiveness of the physical therapy program for obese patients according to the dynamics of metabolic syndrome parameters PDF
Mariia Aravitska 4-8
Features of the formation of biochemical mechanisms of energy supply in the process of endurance development female athletes in sports aerobics PDF
Galyna Artemyeva, Maryna Khorkova 9-12
Analysis of the attitude of high school students to innovative types of motor activity in the system of school physical education PDF
Tetiana Bala, Anhelina Petrova 13-16
Assessment of functional disorders of the upper limb in individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome PDF
Olena Bismak 17-21
Students' understanding of physical culture and sports as a factor of health protection PDF
Taras Bondar, Iryna Holoviichuk 22-25
Physical activity of adolescents in health and recreation facilities: motives and interests PDF
Taras Bondar, Iryna Holoviichuk 26-29
Optimization of the training method for the turns of young gymnasts, taking into account the level of development of the ability to maintain balance PDF
Alfiia Deineko, Olha Riabchenko 30-34
Assessment of the effectiveness of biological and pharmacological support for training at the preparatory stage for handball players PDF
Vladimir Favoritov, Vadim Gostishchev 35-38
Vegetative reactivity in athletes in a state of overtraining PDF
Larysa Ruban, Oleksandr Khatsaiuk, Oleh Yareshchenko, Artem Korolov, Viacheslav Olenchenko 39-42
Legal regulation of labor of specialists in the field of physical education and sports in Ukraine PDF
Marina Sannikova 43-47
Innovative programs for recreational swimming and their impact on the physical development of women 30–40 years old PDF
Liliia Sheiko 48-52