No 5(49) (2015)

Table of Contents

Features of selection of children for occupations by artistic gymnastics in modern Kurdistan PDF
Abdulvahid Dlshad Nihad 5-9
Norm, standards and tests in the structure of creation of monitoring of physical development, physical fitness and physical state PDF
Oleksandr Aghyppo, Tatyana Dorofeeva, Yaroslavna Puhach, Yaroslavna Puhach, Galina Artem’yeva, Mariia Nechytailo, Valeriy Druz 10-18
Cheerleading exercises influence on 5-9th forms the schoolchildren’s coordination abilities PDF
Tetiana Bala 19-22
Features of use of modular training system armsportsmens 16–17 year olds in the annual macrocycle PDF
Dmytro Bezkorovainyi 23-26
The monitoring system of a qualitative structure of special physical preparation in cross-country race on motorcycles with a side-car PDF
Valeriy Druz, Maria Cherednichenko, Volodymyr Shishka, Victoria Gorinа 27-31
Features power ectomorphs athletes are engaged in bodybuilding in transition training PDF
Viktor Dzhym 32-37
Ways to improve the technical and tactical skills wrestlers Greco-Roman style of different manners of conducting a duel PDF
Sergiy Iermakov, Yurij Tropin, Viktor Ponomaryov 38-41
The improvement of technical skill at the stage of the specialized basic preparation in fitness by means of powerlifting PDF
Ivan Ivanov 42-47
Purpose: to define dynamics of separate functions of sensor-based systems of children of primary school age as a result of specially directed physical exercises. Material and Methods: 306 pupils of the 1st – 3rd classes of a comprehensive school of Kharko PDF
Irina Maslyak 48-51
Application of medical physical culture at extensive superficial burns of the I–II degree PDF
Vjacheslav Meleshkov 52-56
Control of the parameters of attention in basketball at the stage of preliminary basic preparation PDF
Olena Mitova, Oksana Ivchenko 57-59
Technology of physical training young footballers PDF
Valery Nikolaenko 60-66
Technology of wellness aerobics in the structure of personality-oriented program of physical rehabilitation of women with postmastectomy syndrome PDF
Tatiana Odynets 67-69
The structure of population life quality PDF
Iuliia Pavlova 70-74
A set of exercises hopping pattern for the initial diagnosis of the degree of overtraining syndrome in athletes involved in cyclic sports PDF
Olga Peshkova 75-78
Rationale for determining the types of adaptation to predict in sport PDF
Anatoliy Rovnyy, Viktor Lastochkin 79-82
Improving the training process of highly skilled bodybuilders in the preparatory period, general preparatory phase PDF
Olexandr Tyhorskyy 83-86
Analysis of competitive activity and special technical readiness between football players in age of 10–12 years PDF
Sergey Zhurid, Sergey Lebedev, Rebaz Sleman 87-90