No 1(51) (2016)

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Problems of improving physical training at this stage of the transformation of the system of physical education PDF
Oleksandr Aghyppo, Galyna Artemyeva, Nina Buren, Tatyana Dorofeeva, Valeriy Druz, Yana Zhernovnikova, Mariia Nechytailo, Natalia Novitskaya, Yaroslavna Puhach 5-11
The determination of efficiency of a special obstacle course for training of cadets and rescuers of Public Service of Ukraine on emergency situations PDF
Olexandr Baybak, Irina Baybak, Vladislav Buhors’kyy, Svetlana Pyatisotskaya 12-15
Training of referees in wrestling PDF
Andrii Ievtyfiiev 16-19
Health-improving action effects of the system of P. K. Ivanov and Breathing Technique on the method of K. P. Buteyko for people of different age (from the long-term experience of the author) PDF
Mykhailo Khoroshukha 20-23
Influence training process program for coach physiological quality of players 10–12 years PDF
Sergey Lebedev, Oleksandr Tyurin 24-27
Hydrocolonotherapy ankle joints after injuries PDF
Volodymyr Muchin, Oleksandr Zviriaka 28-33
Importance of early physical rehabilitation in improving functional state of vegetative nervous system of women with postmastectomy syndrome PDF
Tatiana Odynets, Yuriy Briskin 34-37
Comparative analysis of special preparedness young water-slalom PDF
Daria Okun 38-40
The influence of physical activity on life quality formation of elderly people PDF
Iuliia Pavlova 41-44
Characteristic of passes of ball games team qualifications PDF
Andrii Pertsukhov, Svyatoslav Koval 45-48
Determining the background for implementation of sports-oriented teaching techniques in training of children age of 5–6 years old under the conditions of a preschool educational establishment PDF
Gennady Petrenko 49-53
Use motion games in exercise with children with bronchial asthma PDF
Viktoriya Polkovnyk-Markova, Liana Dugina 54-58
Rationalization of work of leaders of physical-sports organizations PDF
Galina Putiatina 59-62
Innovative methods of an assessment of physical condition of a person as a factor of ensuring the effective management of a moving object PDF
Valeriy Samsonkin, Yaroslavna Puhach, Valeriy Druz, Maria Cherednichenko, Vjаcheslav Shuteev, Tetiana Shutyeyeva, Volodymyr Shishka, Victoria Gorinа 63-68
The management in the sphere of physical culture and sport at the level of administrative and territorial units: traditions and innovations PDF
Viktor Savchenko, Andrii Sergeiev 69-73
Sport’s selection of volley-ball players: morphological and pedagogical criteria of definition of movement endowments: (information 1) PDF
Leonid Serhiyenko, Alisa Ablikova 74-84
Peculiarities Of A Backstroke Swimming Technique Acceleration In Elementary Education PDF
Liliya Sheyko 85-88
Concerning rather modern organizational innovations in the system of physical education of student youth PDF
Vasilij Sutula, Larisa Lutsenko, Aleksey Bulgakov, Alfiya Deyneko, Anastasija Sutula, Vjаcheslav Shutiev 89-95
Organization and carrying out the triathlon competitions in Ukraine PDF
Volodymyr Vodlozerov 96-102
Analysis of cоmpetitive shooting of the world top female biathletes and female biathletes of the national team of Ukraine PDF
Roman Zubrilov, Olena Pidhrushna 103-109