No 2(52) (2016)

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Sports selection of volley-ball players: genetic criteria to define motor endowments (information 2) PDF
Alisa Ablikovа, Leonid Serhiyenko 5-10
Improvement of coordination abilities of sportsmen of 13–15 years old in fighting sambo PDF
Nataliya Bateyeva 11-17
Indicators functional condition of sportsmen-handball player PDF
Volodymyr Bogush, Sergiy Getmantsev, Olga Sokol, Oleksandr Kosenchuk, Olga Kuvaldina, Yevgen Yatsunsky 18-22
The degree of parental awareness of using means of physical rehabilitation on the frequently ill children PDF
Ludmyla Demchenko 23-26
The research of tactics of the competitive activity of the qualified sportswomen in long jumps PDF
Oleg Grebenyuk 27-30
Methodical features of physical rehabilitation of victims with consequences of mine and explosive trauma PDF
Khassan Dandash, Denys Pidkopai 31-34
Definition and assessment of physical efficiency of students – basketball players PDF
Artem Kuzminchuk, Volodymyr Gradusov 35-38
Improvement of the competitive program of woman’s pair in acrobatics by means of choreography at a stage of the specialized basic preparation PDF
Petro Kyzim, Larisa Lutsenko, Nataliya Batieieva 39-43
Assessment of functional preparedness of athletes specializing in the sprint, using new methodological approaches PDF
Nikolai Malikov, Svetlana Karaulova 44-47
Importance of early physical rehabilitation in recovery of pain and tactile sensitivity of women with postmastectomy syndrome PDF
Tatiana Odinets, Natalia Manzhura 48-52
The providing of youth’s life quality in health promoting schools of L’viv region PDF
Iuliia Pavlova, Olena Shyyan 53-57
Features of draws of corner kicks in games of teams of high qualification PDF
Andrii Pertsukhov, Victor Shalenko 58-61
Plan physical activities for spring men based on their physical condition PDF
Oles’ Pryshva 62-66
Physical state of middle-aged women with consideration of experience training of aerobic orientation PDF
Alexander Romanchuk, Evdokiya Dolgier 67-71
Peculiarities of morphological indexes of the pushers of the nucleus at the stage of specialized basic preparation PDF
Vladyslav Rozhkov 72-74
Changes of indicators of high-speed and high-speed and power preparedness at volleyball players of 12–13 years old PDF
Oleg Shevchenko 75-78
Efficiency of actions in attack of diagonal players in female volleyball PDF
Yevgeniya Strelnikova, Tamara Lyakhova 79-82
The informative providing of trade education is in industry of physical culture and sport of countries of former soviet spaces PDF
Iryna Svistelnyk 83-86
Four-year dynamics of health indicators among the University students who practice Hatha Yoga regularly PDF
Hanna Tolcheva, Hanna Dudkina, Mykhailo Dudkin 87-91
The planning of training process in triathlon PDF
Vladimir Vodlozerov 92-96
Technical and tactical preparedness of the team "Helios" of Kharkov in the 25th football championship of Ukraine in the first league (the first round) in 2015 PDF
Sergey Zhurid, Rebaz Sleman 97-100
Optimizing the methods of biathlete shooting training by means of «aiming-off» with usage of «SCATT» marksmanship trainer PDF
Roman Zubrilov, Nikolai Аstafyev 101-105