No 4(54) (2016)

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Table of Contents

Approaches to the creation of prophylactic – health-improving classes of women of the second mature age PDF
Varvara Akulova 5-8
New methodical approach to the assessment of video record which is used when training of judoists PDF
Konstantin Ananchenko, Alexander Khatsayuk 9-14
Biokinematic characteristics of technique of swimming the crawl on the chest of the qualified swimmers with consequences of infantile cerebral paralysis PDF
Vasiliy Bosko 15-19
Prediction algorithm of the functional state of women with postmastectomy syndrome PDF
Yuriy Briskin, Tatiana Odynets 20-22
Evaluating the effectiveness of the integrated use of sporting plays to optimize the cardiorespiratory system functional state of students 18–19 years old PDF
Inna Cherednichenko 23-28
Application of the current control for the improvement of the training process of sportsmen-acrobats of 8–9 years old PDF
Alfiya Deyneko 29-32
Interaction of a physician and a specialist on physical rehabilitation at violations of activity of the musculoskeletal system PDF
Andrii Hertsyk 33-37
Algorithm of rehabilitation examination of children with bronchopulmonary diseases PDF
Nataliya Ivasyk 38-41
Motive activity as the criterion of efficiency of introduction of the technology which is aimed at the development of professionally significant physical qualities of pupils of clothing manufacture in vocational-technical schools PDF
Vitaly Kaszuba, Lolita Denysova, Natalia Golovanova 42-46
Assessment of technique of tennis players of ten years old PDF
Dmitriy Krilov, Lydmyla Shesterova 47-52
Improvement of the technique of performance of the main course by sportsmen in acrobatic rock'n'roll by means of choreography at the stage of the specialized basic preparation PDF
Petro Kyzim, Yuliya Lutsenko, Larisa Lutsenko, Nataliya Batieieva 53-60
Basic provisions of the program of increase of efficiency of technique of rowing movements of sportswomen in synchronized swimming PDF
Jury Litvinenko 61-64
Indicators of physical condition of women who are engaged in health-improving aerobics PDF
Olga Martynyuk 65-68
Improvement of artistry at the qualified sportswomen in rhythmic gymnastics PDF
Alla Mullagildina 69-72
Improvement of the efficiency of procedure of expert estimation in oriental single combats PDF
Vyacheslav Romanenko, Svitlana Pyatisotska 73-76
Assessment of index of quality of life of students PDF
Larysa Ruban, Stanislav Stavitskiy 77-81
Formation of tactics of actions of cadets taking into account their cerebration during training in higher education institution PDF
Yuri Sergienko, Alexander Lavrentiev, Sergey Antonenko 82-85
Influence of technology of formation of skills of healthy lifestyle on changes of physical activity of students PDF
Lydia Shchur, Iryna Hribovska, Victoria Ivanochko 86-90
Use of computer technologies in physical education of women of the first mature age PDF
Julia Tomilina 91-94
Structure and content of training of the qualified runners on middle distances in annual cycle of preparation PDF
Tu Yanhao, Lydmyla Shesterova 95-98
Biologic-pharmacological providing of trainings, competitions and renewal of triathletes PDF
Vladimir Vodlozerov 99-103
Training of young football players with use of modern innovative approaches PDF
Leonid Yarmolynskyi 104-107