No 5(55) (2016)

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Gender features of functional condition of backbone of teenagers with scoliotic posture PDF
Sergiy Afanasiev 5-8
Changes of level of physical fitness of handball players of 13–14 years old under the influence of acrobatic exercises and exercises with application of coordination ladder PDF
Svetlana Chervona, Helena Biykova, Irina Pomeschikova 9-12
Level of physical development and physical preparedness of weight-lifters of 10–12 years old PDF
Viktor Dzhym, Eugene Bugaev 13-17
Self-assessment and level of uneasiness of sportsmen as factors of formation of the interpersonal interaction in the dancing duet PDF
Helen Gant, Eduard Valiuh 18-22
Characteristic of aspects of preparedness of a coach PDF
Toni Hazim, Vladimir Paievskyi 23-26
System resources of physical rehabilitation / physical therapy in musculoskeletal disorders PDF
Andrii Hertsyk 27-31
Technology of physical rehabilitation of children with bronchopulmonary diseases in the conditions of hospitalization PDF
Nataliya Ivasyk 32-37
Improvement of technical training of sportswomen in rhythmic gymnastics by means of acrobatics at the stage of preliminary basic preparation PDF
Petro Kyzim, Nataliya Batieieva 38-43
Condition of physical health of pupils of the 7th-8th classes of the comprehensive school PDF
Margarita Mameshina 44-49
The analyses of efficiency of a power serve in jump depending on the accuracy of its performance in the competitive activity of volleyball players PDF
Alina Melnik 50-53
Influence of outdoor games on functional condition of the respiratory system at girls of the younger school age PDF
Оlena Potapova, Mykola Malikov 54-58
Influence of the level of development of absolute force on indicators of technical preparedness of shot putters at the stage of specialized basic preparation PDF
Vladyslav Rozhkov, Lydmyla Shesterova 59-62
Assessment of influence of the program of physical rehabilitation on results of the six-minute test of walking at children with recurrent bronchitis PDF
Marianа Sabadosh 63-67
Somatic component of risk of the development of vegetative-vascular dysfunction at children of the average and advanced school age PDF
Olena Savchuk 68-73
Renditions of national teams on wrestling on the World Cup of 2016 PDF
Vladimir Shatskikh, Viktor Ezan, Viktor Ponomaryov, Oleg Klimenko 74-77
Appropriate norms of physical development of student's youth PDF
Vjаcheslav Shuteev 78-80
Efficiency of the technique of the training process of highly skilled bodybuilders of the mesomorphic type of constitution in the competitive period PDF
Olexandr Tyhorskіy 81-85
Anti-doping and sex-control in kind of sport triathlon PDF
Volodymyr Vodlozerov 86-90