No 6(56) (2016)

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Improvement of sports preparedness of young taekwondists PDF
Konstantin Ananchenko, Rusudan Arkaniya 5-8
Improving the level of physical development and functional preparedness athletes in sports dancing on the stage of specialized basic training means step aerobics PDF
Galyna Artemyeva, Elena Avramenko, Sergey Gumenyuk 9-12
Technique of the biomechanical analysis of execution of upward jump piked PDF
Nataliya Batieieva, Petro Kyzim 13-18
Criteria of evaluation of indicators of speed of movements at young men in rowing PDF
Volodymyr Bogush, Sergiy Getmantsev, Olga Kuvaldina, Yuriy Kulakov, Olga Sokol, Yevgen Yatsunskiy 19-25
Dependence of sports results on data of physical development, morphofunctional and special power preparedness of weight-lifters at the stage of initial preparation PDF
Eugene Bugaev 26-29
Methodical features of physical rehabilitation of sportsmen with intra articulate injuries of ankle joint at the out-patient stage PDF
Sharbel' Yusef, Denis Podkopai 30-33
Influence of training loads on psychophysiological indicators of handball players in different phases of the menstrual cycle PDF
Igor Dyadechko 34-38
The creation of programs of physical rehabilitation/therapy in musculoskeletal disorders PDF
Andrii Hertsyk 39-46
Appropriate standards of physical fitness of students PDF
Larisa Lutsenko, VjŠ°cheslav Shuteev, Anastasija Sutula, Olga Sutula 47-50
The entering results of formation of valeological competence of future teachers in the course of physical education PDF
Borys Maksymchuk 51-55
Application of means of health-improving fitness for correction of weight of girls of the senior school age PDF
Inna Pavlenko 56-59
Assessment of biological age and "quantity of health" of judoists-veterans at the exit stage from elite sport PDF
Volodymyr Perebeynis, Serhij Pakulin 60-63
Characteristics of goal attacks games team qualifications PDF
Andrii Pertsukhov 64-67
Conditions and need of creation of Club of sports volunteering PDF
Iryna Petrenko 68-71
Improvement of special training of weight-lifters by means of various groove machines in the preparatory period at the stage of preliminary basic preparation PDF
Oleksandr Piven 72-76
The technique of control and analysis of changes of heart rate of wrestlers under the influence of exercise stresses with use of the computer application PDF
Anatoliy Rovnyi, Vyacheslav Romanenko, Svitlana Pyatisotska Pyatisotska 77-80
Directions of improvement of training of young wrestlers of freestyle PDF
Yevhen Ruchka 81-84
Development of Non-Olympic sports in Kharkov region during the existence of the Ukrainian SSR PDF
Nataliia Saltan, Oleksandr Saltan 85-88
Development of specific coordination abilities and vestibular stability in the course of physical training of cadets of National Academy of the National Guard of Ukraine PDF
Pavel Savchuk, Lydmyla Shesterova 89-92
Improvement of technique of a jerk of the qualified sportswomen in weightlifting PDF
Oksana Solodka 93-96
The marketing analysis of competitiveness of fitness-clubs in Kharkiv PDF
Svitlana Stadnyk, Nataliiya Sereda 97-100