No 1(57) (2017)

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The research of indicators of speed of movements at girls in rowing PDF
Volodymyr Bogush, Sergiy Getmantsev, Konstantin Bogatyirev, Irina Smirnova, Olga Sokol, Oksana Reznichenko 5-10
The previous results of use of ethnic bathing technology in physical rehabilitation at consequences of injuries of the lower extremities PDF
Hassan Dandash, Charbel Youssef, Denis Podkopai 11-15
The analysis of adaptation process of students to teaching in higher education institution with use of means of physical education PDF
Sergei Horodynskyi, Igor Havrunyak 16-18
Reasons and features of occurrence of excess body weight at students taking into account gender differences PDF
Оlga Iushkovska 19-22
Structural features and characteristic of process of training of the sportsman as the system object PDF
Oleg Kamaev 23-29
Innovative trends in recreation: aspects of psychoanalysis and art resources PDF
Olga Kostikova, Svitlana Korsun, Irina Shaposhnikova, Yana Suvorova 30-34
Features of content of competitive activity of highly skilled players of different functional classes in basketball on wheelchairs PDF
Maxim Mishin 35-39
Structure and content of competitive group compositions in sports aerobics PDF
Tetiana Moshenska, Inna Bodrenkova 40-42
Increase in efficiency of game by feet in modern rugby PDF
Volodymyr Mucha, Roman Sholokh, Vladlena Pasko 43-47
Influence of bodybuilding classes on physical qualities of the qualified sportswomen in different phases of the specific biological cycle PDF
Vyacheslav Mulik, Evgeniya Dzhim 48-51
The impact of the training process in functional status and parameters of physical qualities of sportsmen-veterans on stage exit from the sport of higher achievements PDF
Viacheslav Mulyk, Vladimir Perevoznik 52-57
Communicative competence of sport volunteers PDF
Iryna Petrenko, Helen Gant, Anastasia Bondar 58-61
Modeling of morpho-functional profile of sportsmen of high qualification who specialize in swimming in way butterfly stroke at distances of various lengths PDF
Olga Pilipko, Alina Pilipko 62-67
Dynamics of physical and psychoemotional condition of women under the influence of swimming occupations PDF
Liliya Sheyko 68-72
Efficiency of actions of the setter in competitions of students’ women's volleyball teams of the Kharkiv region PDF
Yevgeniya Strelnykova, Tamara Liakhova 73-77
Features of influence of sports activities on the identity of students PDF
Vasilij Sutula, Vjаcheslav Shuteev, Larisa Lutsenko, Andriy Kolіsnіchenko, Valentina Ispravnikova, Alfiya Deyneko, Inna Bodrenkova 78-82
Condition of esthetic component of motive activity in aerobic gymnastics PDF
Valentina Todorova 83-86
Interrelation of level of physical fitness with indicators of competitive activity at young wrestlers of the Greek-Roman style PDF
Yura Tropin, Vіktor Ponomaryov, Oleg Klemenko 87-90
Physical and psycho-sensory abilities as the basis of motivation of students to systematic section classes in the system of physical education of HEI PDF
Nataliia Тsyhanovska, Nataliy Veretelnikova, Vyacheslav Romanenko, Dmytro Batulin, Alla Arkhypova, Viacheslav Honchar 91-94
The organization and conducting of paratriathlon competitions PDF
Vladimir Vodlozerov 95-99
The factorial structure of professionally-applied physical fitness of students of railway specialties PDF
Anzhelika Yefremova, Lydmyla Shesterova 100-103
Technical-tactical preparedness of the team “Helios” of Kharkov in the 25th football championship of Ukraine in the first league PDF
Sergey Zhurid 104-108