No 2(58) (2017)

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Substantiation of methods of selection and orientation of children to practice gymnastics in the long-term preparation system PDF
Abdulvahid Dlshad Nihad 5-9
Special aspects of coordination ability development of 7–8 year-old acrobatic rock'n'roll athletes PDF
Nataliya Batieieva, Petro Kyzim 10-13
Kinematic characteristics of the backstroke swimming technique of the qualified swimmers with the effects of cerebral palsy PDF
Vasiliy Bosko 14-18
Fitness industry: state and prospects of development in the countries of the world PDF
Liubov Chekhovska 19-24
An interrelation of physical and technical readiness as a basis in sport result achievement of 400 m hurdlers PDF
Oleg Grebenyuk 25-29
Model planning an individual program of physical therapy child with broncho-pulmonary disease PDF
Nataliya Ivasyk 30-34
Modern implementation approaches to high-trained football player selection on the basis of neurodynamic properties of the upper sections of the central nervous system PDF
Volodymyr Lyzogub, Vitaliy Pustovalov, Victoriya Suprunovich, Sergiy Hrechuha 35-39
Special aspects of movement activity of secondary general school pupils at 15–17 years of age in their spare time PDF
Andriy Mandyuk 40-43
An influence of sensorimotor coordination at the technical preparedness of young athletes in rhythmic gymnastics PDF
Alla Mullagildina 44-47
An interconnection between morphological and functional development of highly trained swimmers and a result of overcoming different length distances by means of the butterfly stroke PDF
Olga Pilipko, Alina Pilipko 48-52
Morphological and functional indicators of 10–13 year-old adolescents with the scoliosis of I–II degree PDF
Anastasia Podolyaka, Oleg Podolyaka, Ruslan Iskandarov 53-56
Physical rehabilitation after achilles tendon ruptures: a review of modern approaches PDF
Ra’ad Abdul Hadi Mohammad Alalwa, Volodymyr Vitomskiy, Оlena Lazarіeva, Maryna Vitomskа 57-63
Choreographic training optimization of female gymnasts aged 8–11 years in aerobic gymnastics PDF
Valentina Todorova 64-68
Physical fitness model characteristics in wrestling PDF
Yuri Tropin 69-71
Dynamics of changes in the structure and morbidity level of technical college students PDF
Elena Tserkovnaya, Victor Osipov, Liudmila Filenko, Vladlena Pasko 72-75
Dynamics of the level of professionally applied psychophysical and psycho-physiological readiness of students of railway specialties PDF
Anzhelika Yefremova, Liudmila Shesterova 76-80