No 3(59) (2017)

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Table of Contents

Dynamics of indicators of respiratory function in elderly men under the influence of rehabilitation measures in the immobilization period of the disease after the fractures of the tibial plateau PDF
Tetiana Ananieva 5-7
Game method application efficiency for speed and power capability development of trampoline athletes at the initial training stage PDF
Alfia Deineko 8-10
Special aspects and implementation of the system approach into trainer's professional activity PDF
Oleg Kamaev 11-14
Psycho-corrective humanity actualization resources for students: sport and arts PDF
Olha Kostikova, Svitlana Korsun, Iryna Shaposhnykova, Yana Suvorova 15-19
A comparative analysis of young tennis player target accuracy when using balls inflated under different pressures PDF
Dmytro Krylov 20-23
A physical quality improvement of special operations force candidates by means of a proprietary program PDF
Maksim Kuznetsov 24-28
Biomechanical substantiation of mechanical impulse transfer mechanisms in the "athlete – sports equipment" system when performing moving actions in sports PDF
Janis Lanka, Vladimir Gamaliy, Tamara Habinets 29-34
Methodological fundamentals of health-improving student youth training PDF
Tеtiana Loza, Оlexander Khomenko 35-39
Modern aspects of the e-learning usage in the field of physical culture PDF
Andriy Marakushyn, Oleksandr Piddubnyi, Artem Cherednichenko 40-44
An experimental program for physical education of rugby players at the stage of specialized basic training PDF
Artur Martyrosyan, Vladlena Pasko, Anatoliy Rovnyi, Volodymyr Ashanin, Volodymyr Mukha 45-50
Improvement of the training process of qualified female athletes engaged in bodybuilding in the general preparatory stage of the preparatory period, taking into account the biological cycle PDF
Viacheslav Mulyk, Yevheniia Dzhym, Viktor Dzhym 51-54
Changes in hemodynamic parameters affected by interval hypoxic exercises during the precontest training stage of qualified climbers PDF
Viacheslav Mulyk, Andriy Kiyko 55-58
Special aspects of transferring the ball by Leicester City players in the matches of the 2015–2016 Premier League season PDF
Andrii Pertsukhov 59-63
Technical and tactical readiness model characteristics in wrestling PDF
Yuriy Tropin, Anton Chuev 64-67
Organizing and running duathlon competitions in Ukraine PDF
Vladimir Vodlozerov 68-71
An investigation of functional state of the kickboxing athlete respiratory system PDF
Oleksandr Volodchenko 72-76
Organizational aspects of an experimental program for physical education with a strengthened course in professional and applied physical training of future electrical engineers in the railway sector PDF
Anzhelika Yefremova, Liudmyla Shesterova 77-81
An influence of dancing track rhythm studying on its performance in rhythmic gymnastics at the initial stage of the training process PDF
Oksana Zaplatynskа 82-85