No 5(61) (2017)

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Table of Contents

Main components of a long-term prediction structure when selecting and organizing sports activity for children at the initial stage of multi-year athletes’ training PDF
Abdulvahid Dlshad Nihad 5-8
Flexibility development among 5–6th grade schoolchildren under the influence of cheerleading activity PDF
Oleksandr Aghyppo, Tetiana Bala 9-13
Theoretical and applied aspects of the formation of ecological culture of schoolchildren in the process of physical education PDF
Оlena Andrieieva, Inna Holovach, Inna Khrypko 14-18
An improvement powerlifters’ training process with the use of information technology PDF
Volodymyr Ashanin, Anatoliy Rovnyi, Vladlena Pasko, Ganna Poltoratska, Maksim Voitenko 19-23
An influence of initial swimming training technology on technical preparedness indicators of children with consequences of cerebral palsy PDF
Vasiliy Bosko 24-27
Modern technologies used in the process of physical education and rehabilitation for violations of posture and flat feet in children of older preschool age PDF
Sergey Futornyi, Natalia Nosova, Tetiana Kolomiiets 28-32
Aggressive behavior prevention in a dance duet PDF
Olena Gant, Serhii Tkachov, Eduard Valiuh 33-38
Physical health condition and physical organism readiness levels of sports veteran wrestlers PDF
Oleksiy Goncharov, Larysa Ruban, Kostiantyn Ananchenko 39-42
An influence of aerobic activities on special endurance of students in groups with a sports orientation (sectional activities) of table tennis PDF
Vitaliy Hrynko, Viktoriya Kudelko 43-46
An influence of interval hypoxic training on physical readiness indicators of trained mountaineers PDF
Andrii Kyiko, Viacheslav Mulyk 47-50
An influence of classical dance on a technical preparedness level of athletes in acrobatic rock and roll at the preliminary basic training stage PDF
Petro Kyzim, Serhii Humeniuk, Nataliya Batieieva 51-55
Fundamental factors of long-term criteria and selection of children at the first stage of multi-year sports training in gymnastics and dance sports PDF
Larysa Lutsenko, Galyna Artemyeva, Mariia Chichkunova 56-59
Individual program of running activity of track-and-field athletes during training sessions to improve sports skills in the preparation for a cross season PDF
Tetiana Maleniuk 60-64
Structure and content of competitive programs for trained athletes in acrobatic rock'n'roll PDF
Viacheslav Mulyk, Yuliya Lutsenko, Larysa Taran 65-68
Investigation of the relationship between the indicators of physical preparedness and the basic technique elements of young water-slalom athletes PDF
Daria Okun, Kateryna Mulyk 69-71
Model characteristics of sensorimotor reactions and specific perceptions of trained wrestlers PDF
Rostislav Pervachuk, Yuriy Tropin, Vyacheslav Romanenko, Anton Chuev 72-74
Efficiency of developing 15–17-year weightlifters’ training process for a one-year macrocycle with the use of various speed and strength training methods PDF
Oleksandr Piven, Tetiana Dorofieieva 75-79
Changes in the preparedness of athletes engaged in track and field sprint in the conditions of a specialized sports club PDF
Vjаcheslav Shutieiev 80-83
Impact of a large load of aerobic character with the use of movement on roller skis on the functional state of the body of racing skier 15–16 years PDF
Larysa Taran 84-87
Dynamics of the level of choreographic preparedness of athletes at the stage of preliminary basic training (on the basis of sports aerobics) PDF
Valentina Todorova 88-91