No 1(63) (2018)

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Indicators of the speed movement in juvenile in rowing on kayaks PDF
Volodymyr Bogush, Sergiy Getmantsev, Oleksandr Yatsunskiy, Konstantin Bogatyirev, Oleg Verteleckiy, Oksana Reznichenko 5-11
Taking into account the indicators of physical health and physical readiness of students in the development of the program of sectional classes in Thai boxing PDF
Alexander Chuyko 12-15
Development of a technique for preventing visual fatigue in students while working on a personal computer PDF
Ivan Dubrovskiy, Оlena Mironenko, Larysa Tatarchenko, Liudmyla Nosenko, Maryna Prysiazhna 16-19
Quality of life of veterans of sports with osteochondrosis of the lumbosacral spine PDF
Oleksiy Goncharov 20-23
Research and analysis of the level of physical preparedness of Oles Honchar Dnipro National University students PDF
Svitlana Hotienko 24-27
Topical issues of physical therapy for gunshot lesions of the diaphysis of the shoulder PDF
Sergiy Kalmykov, Yuliya Kalmykova 28-33
Perfection of the functional readiness of high-qualified athletes in the process of preparation for international competitions PDF
Svetlana Karaulova, Nikolai Malikov 34-37
Influence of special physical preparedness of athletes on biomechanical characteristics of performing basic exercises in acrobatic rock'n'roll PDF
Petro Kyzim, Serhii Humeniuk, Nataliya Batieieva 38-42
Forms of physical culture and sports activities of general education schools pupils at the age of 15–17 years in their spare time PDF
Andriy Mandyuk 43-46
Use of mobile and educational games in the sports training of young football players PDF
Volodymyr Naumchuk 47-51
Revelance of standardizing the process of conducting military (research) tests of exercises for physical training PDF
Sergii Palevych, Alexander Poddubny, Alexander Tkachuk 52-57
Features of technical and tactical actions of the team "Metalist" in the games of the League of Europe PDF
Vladimir Perevoznik, Vladimir Paevskiy 58-61
Characteristics of effective shots on goal in the games of the first league team of the championship of Ukraine "Helios" Kharkіv PDF
Andrii Pertsukhov 62-66
Influence of health-normalizing walking regimens on the state of the respiratory system of students with chronic bronchitis PDF
Oleksandr Petruhnov 67-70
Features of technical and tactical actions of female athletes of various qualifications specializing in complex swimming at a distance of 200 meters PDF
Olga Pilipko 71-75
Determination of the level of tactical readiness of qualified runners at 800 m PDF
Tetiana Rybalchenko, Olena Nasonkina, Mykhailo Marchenkov 76-78
Structural rearrangements of the spinal-motor segment with prolonged dynamic loads PDF
Andrii Sak, Raisa Antypova 78-82
Influence of the level of speed-strength preparedness on the agility of volleyball players 12–13 years old PDF
Oleg Shevchenko, Volodymyr Paievskyi, Yurii Horchanyuk 83-86
Dynamics of other functional state it of cardiovascular and respiratory systems indicators at women under the influence of swimming occupations PDF
Liliia Sheiko 87-90
Comparison of indicators of physical and technical preparedness of basketball players 12th and 13th years old PDF
Andriy Timofeyev 91-93
Relationship between physical development and physical readiness among skilled wrestlers PDF
Yuryi Tropin, Vyacheslav Romanenko, Valeriy Goloha, Nataliy Veretelnikova 94-98