No 2(64) (2018)

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Table of Contents

Substantiation of methodological approaches to compiling complex recreational programs PDF
Oleksandr Aghyppo 5-8
Improving the composition of voluntary programs in the category of Women in fitness PDF
Iryna Bilenka, Alla Mullagildina 9-12
Peculiaities of self-governing students of a higher education institution of a sports profile PDF
Anastasiia Bondar, Yuliya Zhdamirova 13-16
Some results of physical rehabilitation of victims with consequences of mine-blast injury of lower extremities PDF
Hassan Dandash, Denis Podkopai, Tetiana Podkopai, Charbel Youssef 17-21
Author's rogram from combined shaping as a means of improving the physical preparedness of female students PDF
Anastasiia Demchenko 23-25
Improvement of special physical training of athletes 9–10 years old engaged in rhythmic gymnastics PDF
Alfiya Deyneko, Inna Krasova 26-29
Phenomenology of non-verbal communication as a representation of sports activities PDF
Liubov Karpets, Mykhailo Beilin 30-33
Quality of implementation of structural components of competitive programs of qualified athletes, as a factor determining the sporting result in acrobatic rock and roll PDF
Yuliya Lutsenko 34-36
Model characteristics of physical development and special physical preparedness of swimmers 12–15 years old PDF
Оlena Politko 37-40
Modern principles of physical rehabilitation of patients with Osteochondrosis of the cervical-thoracic spine PDF
Borys Pustovoit 41-44
Risk factors for the onset of arterial hypertension in women of the first adulthood in the period of manifestation of the disease PDF
Larysa Ruban 45-47
Efficiency of the use of mobile games in water at the stages of primary teaching for children of primary school age PDF
Liliya Sheyko, Nataliia Pashchenko 48-52
Fitness clubs activities in Kharkіv PDF
Svitlana Stadnyk 53-56
Changes in the technical readiness of volleyball players 10–11 years under the influence of visual perception of movement parameters PDF
Ievgeniia Strelnykova, Yuri Gorchanyuk, Olena Nesen 57-60
Analysis of gaming actions of the central blocking in competitive activity of women's volleyball amateur teams PDF
Ievgeniia Strelnykova, Alina Mel’nik, Tamara Liakhova 61-64
Interrelation of psychophysiological indicators and physical readiness of qualified wrestlers PDF
Yura Tropin, Natalya Boychenko 65-69