No 5(67) (2018)

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Structure of the model values of the individual physical education of schoolchildren of different age groups PDF
Tetiana Krutsevych, Oksana Marchenko 4-9
Impact of physical education and recreational activities with elements of roller skating on the morphofunctional state of schoolchildren in grades 5–6 PDF
Nataliia Pangelova, Sofiia Vlasova 10-14
Functional dichotomy (symmetry – asymmetry) of physical development in men who are engaged in triathlon PDF
Zoya Gorenko, Boris Ocheretko, Antonina Kovelskaya 15-21
Application and influence of the complex program of physical therapy on the state of the cardiovascular and autonomic nervous system of young women, patients with alimentary obesity PDF
Yuliya Kalmykova, Sergey Kalmykov, Viktoriya Polkovnyk-Markova, Anna Reutska 22-27
Legal regulation of physical culture and sports activities in Ukraine PDF
Marina Sannikova 28-32
Assessment of risk factors associated with the level of physical activity in childhood and at the time of the survey in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis and vertebral body fractures PDF
Nataliia Grygorieva, Оlena Rybina, Vladislav Povoroznyuk 33-37
Relationship of indicators of oxygen-containing blood elements with the duration of systematic triathlon training for amateur athletes PDF
Antonina Kovelskaya, Zoya Gorenko, Boris Ocheretko 38-42
Search for indicators that determine the effectiveness of overcoming acyclic sections at 50, 100 and 200 meters in freestyle swimming PDF
Elena Politko, Illia Teslenko 43-45
Level of development of motor qualities of children of senior preschool age PDF
Irina Kuzmenko, Tetiana Chernysh 46-49
Model characteristics of special physical preparedness of Juvenile category athletes in acrobatic rock'n'roll PDF
Serhii Humeniuk 50-52
Influence of musical-rhythmic means education on the level of development of artistic athletes 6–8 years in rhythmic gymnastics PDF
Alla Mullagіldіna, Iryna Bilenka, Nadiia Kobelieva 53-56