No 6(68) (2018)

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Table of Contents

Analysis of the current state of implementation of fitness clubs personnel policy PDF
Oleksandr Aghyppo, Galina Putiatina 4-7
Characteristic differences in the choice of factors of a healthy lifestyle as components of the individual physical culture of modern schoolchildren PDF
Oksana Marchenko 8-12
Interrelation of the hammer swing technique with the technique of its previous rotation in highly skilled hammer throwers PDF
Liudmyla Shesterova, Vladyslav Rozhkov 13-16
The functional state of the rowing kayaks (boys) athletes in the simulation of training activities PDF
Volodymyr Bogush, Sergiy Getmantsev, Olga Kuvaldina, Oleksandr Kosenchuk, Yevgen Yatsunskiy 17-25
Staffing as a topical issue of the modern fitness industry PDF
Myroslav Dutchak, Liubov Chekhovska 26-31
Impact of physical activity on the level of development of the physical qualities of athletes 12–15 years old, involved in kettlebell lifting at the stage of initial training PDF
Viktor Dzhym, Liudmyla Kanunova 32-35
Anthropometric and functional indicators of athletes with different types of body constitution PDF
Serhii Holiaka, Ivan Hluhov 36-39
Technical and tactical readiness of the team "Helios" (Kharkiv) in the 26th Ukrainian soccer championship in the first league PDF
Serhii Zhurid, Oleksandr Dovbiy 40-44
Features of psycho-physiological indicators in various types of wrestling PDF
Yuryi Tropin, Natalya Boychenko 45-48
Increasing the level of preparedness of 400 m hurdles runners by means of hypoxic exposure as the basis for achieving a sporting result PDF
Oleg Grebeniuk 49-53
Age and anthropometric indicators of highly qualified football players PDF
Vladimir Perevoznik, Andrii Pertsukhov 54-57