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No 3(59) (2017) A comparative analysis of young tennis player target accuracy when using balls inflated under different pressures Abstract   PDF
Dmytro Krylov
No 4(60) (2017) A dependence of a sports result on physical development, morphofunctional and special strength preparedness data of weightlifters at the stage of preliminary basic training Abstract   PDF
Oleksandr Piven, Tetiana Dorofieieva
No 3(59) (2017) A physical quality improvement of special operations force candidates by means of a proprietary program Abstract   PDF
Maksim Kuznetsov
No 5(49) (2015) A set of exercises hopping pattern for the initial diagnosis of the degree of overtraining syndrome in athletes involved in cyclic sports Abstract   PDF
Olga Peshkova
No 4(60) (2017) A set of professional working ability indicators of military operators Abstract   PDF
Mykola Korchahin, Oleg Olkhovyі
No 3(47) (2015) About aspects of economic technique of ascent the routes in the discipline of sport climbing «lead» Abstract   PDF
Olexii Shulha
No 3(53) (2016) Adaptation rearrangements of heart of young sportsmen depending on the orientation of the training activity Abstract   PDF
Viktor Lastochkin, Anatoliy Rovnyy
No 3(65) (2018) Age dynamics of the level of development of static equilibrium in middle-class students with visual impairments Abstract   PDF
Liliana Riadova, Liudmyla Shesterova
No 5(61) (2017) Aggressive behavior prevention in a dance duet Abstract   PDF
Olena Gant, Serhii Tkachov, Eduard Valiuh
No 4(54) (2016) Algorithm of rehabilitation examination of children with bronchopulmonary diseases Abstract   PDF
Nataliya Ivasyk
No 4(60) (2017) An algorithm of rehabilitation examination of persons with Charcot-Marie-Toot disease Abstract   PDF
Iryna Korman
No 4(60) (2017) An effectiveness analysis of a developed differentiated program for dancer’s motor quality development at the stage of specialized basic training Abstract   PDF
Tetiana Trakaliuk
No 3(59) (2017) An experimental program for physical education of rugby players at the stage of specialized basic training Abstract   PDF
Artur Martyrosyan, Vladlena Pasko, Anatoliy Rovnyi, Volodymyr Ashanin, Volodymyr Mukha
No 4(60) (2017) An improvement of competitive exercises performing on the rings by 10–12 year old gymnasts using special physical training Abstract   PDF
Alfiya Deyneko
No 5(61) (2017) An improvement powerlifters’ training process with the use of information technology Abstract   PDF
Volodymyr Ashanin, Anatoliy Rovnyi, Vladlena Pasko, Ganna Poltoratska, Maksim Voitenko
No 5(61) (2017) An influence of aerobic activities on special endurance of students in groups with a sports orientation (sectional activities) of table tennis Abstract   PDF
Vitaliy Hrynko, Viktoriya Kudelko
No 5(61) (2017) An influence of classical dance on a technical preparedness level of athletes in acrobatic rock and roll at the preliminary basic training stage Abstract   PDF
Petro Kyzim, Serhii Humeniuk, Nataliya Batieieva
No 3(59) (2017) An influence of dancing track rhythm studying on its performance in rhythmic gymnastics at the initial stage of the training process Abstract   PDF
Oksana Zaplatynskа
No 5(61) (2017) An influence of initial swimming training technology on technical preparedness indicators of children with consequences of cerebral palsy Abstract   PDF
Vasiliy Bosko
No 5(61) (2017) An influence of interval hypoxic training on physical readiness indicators of trained mountaineers Abstract   PDF
Andrii Kyiko, Viacheslav Mulyk
No 4(60) (2017) An influence of physical rehabilitation on living standards of children with chronic heart failure Abstract   PDF
Maryana Chekhovska, Liubov Chekhovska
No 2(58) (2017) An influence of sensorimotor coordination at the technical preparedness of young athletes in rhythmic gymnastics Abstract   PDF
Alla Mullagildina
No 2(58) (2017) An interconnection between morphological and functional development of highly trained swimmers and a result of overcoming different length distances by means of the butterfly stroke Abstract   PDF
Olga Pilipko, Alina Pilipko
No 2(58) (2017) An interrelation of physical and technical readiness as a basis in sport result achievement of 400 m hurdlers Abstract   PDF
Oleg Grebenyuk
No 4(60) (2017) An interrelation of physical working capacity and body component composition indicators of amateur athletes Abstract   PDF
Zoya Gorenko, Boris Ocheretko, Antonina Kovelskaya
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