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No 5(55) (2016) Influence of outdoor games on functional condition of the respiratory system at girls of the younger school age Abstract   PDF
Оlena Potapova, Mykola Malikov
No 4(60) (2017) Influence of psychoemotional stress on the functional state of the neuromuscular system and the efficiency of sensorimotor activity of highly skilled athletes Abstract   PDF
Svitlana Fedorchuk, Olena Lysenko, Olena Kolosova, Tetiana Khalyavka, Volodymyr Romaniuk
No 1(63) (2018) Influence of special physical preparedness of athletes on biomechanical characteristics of performing basic exercises in acrobatic rock'n'roll Abstract   PDF
Petro Kyzim, Serhii Humeniuk, Nataliya Batieieva
No 4(54) (2016) Influence of technology of formation of skills of healthy lifestyle on changes of physical activity of students Abstract   PDF
Lydia Shchur, Iryna Hribovska, Victoria Ivanochko
No 5(55) (2016) Influence of the level of development of absolute force on indicators of technical preparedness of shot putters at the stage of specialized basic preparation Abstract   PDF
Vladyslav Rozhkov, Lydmyla Shesterova
No 1(63) (2018) Influence of the level of speed-strength preparedness on the agility of volleyball players 12–13 years old Abstract   PDF
Oleg Shevchenko, Volodymyr Paievskyi, Yurii Horchanyuk
No 1(45) (2015) Influence of the program of physical training of highly skilled hockey players (forwards) on indicators of the competitive activity Abstract   PDF
Volodymyr Goncharenko
No 6(50) (2015) Influence of the structure and content of physical training tourists-conductors 12–13 years on the level of physical fitness Abstract   PDF
Olena Horbonos-Andronova
No 6(56) (2016) Influence of training loads on psychophysiological indicators of handball players in different phases of the menstrual cycle Abstract   PDF
Igor Dyadechko
No 6(50) (2015) Influence of training mini-basketball in the first year of training at the level of the physical health of children 6–7 years Abstract   PDF
Olena Mitova, Viola Onischenko
No 1(51) (2016) Influence training process program for coach physiological quality of players 10–12 years Abstract   PDF
Sergey Lebedev, Oleksandr Tyurin
Vol 7, No 1(69) (2019) Informative significance of indicators of physical preparedness and morphofunctional state in the structure of the motor system of 9–10 years old pupils Abstract   PDF
Irina Krasova, Oleksandr Krasov
No 2(46) (2015) Innovation technology in the initial training of children by the example of sport games Abstract   PDF
Ruslana Sushko, Maryna Ibraimova
No 1(51) (2016) Innovative methods of an assessment of physical condition of a person as a factor of ensuring the effective management of a moving object Abstract   PDF
Valeriy Samsonkin, Yaroslavna Puhach, Valeriy Druz, Maria Cherednichenko, Vjаcheslav Shuteev, Tetiana Shutyeyeva, Volodymyr Shishka, Victoria Gorinа
No 1(57) (2017) Innovative trends in recreation: aspects of psychoanalysis and art resources Abstract   PDF
Olga Kostikova, Svitlana Korsun, Irina Shaposhnikova, Yana Suvorova
No 6(62) (2017) Integral technologies of psycho-physical training of athletes in sports aerobics Abstract   PDF
Tetiana Shepelenko
No 3(47) (2015) Integrated marketing sphere of physical culture and sports in terms of European integration Regional Center Research Abstract   PDF
Oleksandr Popov
No 4(54) (2016) Interaction of a physician and a specialist on physical rehabilitation at violations of activity of the musculoskeletal system Abstract   PDF
Andrii Hertsyk
No 6(50) (2015) International arbitration in wrestling Abstract   PDF
Andrii Ievtyfiiev, Sergey Bochkarev, Valeriy Druz
No 1(57) (2017) Interrelation of level of physical fitness with indicators of competitive activity at young wrestlers of the Greek-Roman style Abstract   PDF
Yura Tropin, Vіktor Ponomaryov, Oleg Klemenko
No 2(64) (2018) Interrelation of psychophysiological indicators and physical readiness of qualified wrestlers Abstract   PDF
Yura Tropin, Natalya Boychenko
No 6(68) (2018) Interrelation of the hammer swing technique with the technique of its previous rotation in highly skilled hammer throwers Abstract   PDF
Liudmyla Shesterova, Vladyslav Rozhkov
No 3(47) (2015) Introduction of means of electronic study in the system of the higher education Abstract   PDF
Andriy Marakushyn, Artem Cherednichenko
No 6(62) (2017) Investigation of the cardiovascular system of schoolchildren aged 13–14 years Abstract   PDF
Iryna Kuzmenko
No 5(61) (2017) Investigation of the relationship between the indicators of physical preparedness and the basic technique elements of young water-slalom athletes Abstract   PDF
Daria Okun, Kateryna Mulyk
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