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No 6(50) (2015) Mass sports of students and cadets which server military contract in positions of officers Abstract   PDF
Anastasia Bondar, Svitlana Kondraschenko
No 4(60) (2017) Mass student sport in domestic and foreign practice Abstract   PDF
Vjаcheslav Shutieiev, Tetiana Shutieieva, Andriy Yefremenko, Olena Nasonkina, Mykhailo Marchenkov
Vol 7, No 2(70) (2019) Mechanism of formation of competitiveness of non-Olympic sports Abstract   PDF
Nataliiya Sereda
No 4(60) (2017) Method of biomechanical analysis of kicks of the main course in acrobatic rock'n'roll Abstract   PDF
Petro Kyzim, Natalia Batieieva
Vol 8, No 1 (2020) Method of non-contact remote determination of the current functional state of the athlete Abstract   PDF
Vadym Artemiev, Valeriy Druz, Andrii Yefremenko
No 6(56) (2016) Methodical features of physical rehabilitation of sportsmen with intra articulate injuries of ankle joint at the out-patient stage Abstract   PDF
Sharbel' Yusef, Denis Podkopai
No 2(52) (2016) Methodical features of physical rehabilitation of victims with consequences of mine and explosive trauma Abstract   PDF
Khassan Dandash, Denys Pidkopai
No 3(59) (2017) Methodological fundamentals of health-improving student youth training Abstract   PDF
Tеtiana Loza, Оlexander Khomenko
Vol 8, No 1 (2020) Methodology for improving the body balance of athletes in acrobatic rock'n'roll at the stage of preliminary basic training Abstract   PDF
Halyna Artemyeva, Tetiana Moshenska, Anastasiia Panshyna, Yevhen Medvediev
No 6(62) (2017) Model characteristics of anthropometric indicators of Juvenile category athletes in acrobatic rock'n'roll (preliminary preparatory stage) Abstract   PDF
Serhii Humeniuk, Nataliya Batieieva
No 2(64) (2018) Model characteristics of physical development and special physical preparedness of swimmers 12–15 years old Abstract   PDF
Оlena Politko
No 5(61) (2017) Model characteristics of sensorimotor reactions and specific perceptions of trained wrestlers Abstract   PDF
Rostislav Pervachuk, Yuriy Tropin, Vyacheslav Romanenko, Anton Chuev
No 3(53) (2016) Model characteristics of sensory-motor reactions and perceptions of specific wrestlers of different styles of confrontation Abstract   PDF
Yuriy Tropin, Vyacheslav Romanenko, Viktor Ponomaryov
No 5(67) (2018) Model characteristics of special physical preparedness of Juvenile category athletes in acrobatic rock'n'roll Abstract   PDF
Serhii Humeniuk
No 2(58) (2017) Model planning an individual program of physical therapy child with broncho-pulmonary disease Abstract   PDF
Nataliya Ivasyk
No 2(46) (2015) Model technical and tactical training karate «game» manner of conducting a duel Abstract   PDF
Natalya Boychenko
No 1(57) (2017) Modeling of morpho-functional profile of sportsmen of high qualification who specialize in swimming in way butterfly stroke at distances of various lengths Abstract   PDF
Olga Pilipko, Alina Pilipko
No 3(59) (2017) Modern aspects of the e-learning usage in the field of physical culture Abstract   PDF
Andriy Marakushyn, Oleksandr Piddubnyi, Artem Cherednichenko
No 6(50) (2015) Modern going near setting of medical physical culture taking into account etiology, type, form, degree and clinical displays of scoliotic illness for children Abstract   PDF
Olga Peshkova, Eduard Fedorov
No 2(58) (2017) Modern implementation approaches to high-trained football player selection on the basis of neurodynamic properties of the upper sections of the central nervous system Abstract   PDF
Volodymyr Lyzogub, Vitaliy Pustovalov, Victoriya Suprunovich, Sergiy Hrechuha
Vol 8, No 1 (2020) Modern methods of determining the individual norm of volumes and premising intensity of the exercisable motor activity Abstract   PDF
Yaroslavna Puhach
Vol 7, No 3(71) (2019) Modern methods of monitoring and assessing the current status of athletes-combatants in real time Abstract   PDF
Yaroslavna Puhach, Valeriy Druz, Andriy Yefremenko, Valeriy Revenko, Mykola Galashko, Vjаcheslav Shutieiev, Tetyana Nizhevskaya, Valery Miroshnichenko
Vol 7, No 6(74) (2019) Modern methods of monitoring and evaluating the current functional state of athletes in various types of martial arts Abstract   PDF
Volodymyr Revenko, Yaroslavna Puhach, Valeriy Druz, Vadym Artemiev
No 2(64) (2018) Modern principles of physical rehabilitation of patients with Osteochondrosis of the cervical-thoracic spine Abstract   PDF
Borys Pustovoit
No 5(61) (2017) Modern technologies used in the process of physical education and rehabilitation for violations of posture and flat feet in children of older preschool age Abstract   PDF
Sergey Futornyi, Natalia Nosova, Tetiana Kolomiiets
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