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No 2(46) (2015) Comparative characteristics of anthropometric data and indicators cardiovascular cyclists category MASTERS different age groups Abstract   PDF
Victoria Gorinа, Sergey Kotlyar, Tatiana Sidorova
No 1(63) (2018) Comparison of indicators of physical and technical preparedness of basketball players 12th and 13th years old Abstract   PDF
Andriy Timofeyev
No 1(51) (2016) Concerning rather modern organizational innovations in the system of physical education of student youth Abstract   PDF
Vasilij Sutula, Larisa Lutsenko, Aleksey Bulgakov, Alfiya Deyneko, Anastasija Sutula, Vjаcheslav Shutiev
No 2(46) (2015) Condition attendance of physical culture and other subjects of the Kharkiv students Abstract   PDF
Ganna Tamozhanskaya, Maryna Prudnikova
No 1(57) (2017) Condition of esthetic component of motive activity in aerobic gymnastics Abstract   PDF
Valentina Todorova
No 5(55) (2016) Condition of physical health of pupils of the 7th-8th classes of the comprehensive school Abstract   PDF
Margarita Mameshina
No 6(56) (2016) Conditions and need of creation of Club of sports volunteering Abstract   PDF
Iryna Petrenko
No 3(47) (2015) Control and analysis of dynamics of technical and tactical actions in defence during the game in basketball players of superleague team Abstract   PDF
Olena Mitova, Valentin Sidorenko
No 5(49) (2015) Control of the parameters of attention in basketball at the stage of preliminary basic preparation Abstract   PDF
Olena Mitova, Oksana Ivchenko
No 6(50) (2015) Correlation analysis of the level of physical fitness, the physical condition of the students and the success of the summer internship Abstract   PDF
Vitali Kirpenko
No 3(53) (2016) Correlation of quality of life with component questionnaire in children with acute broncho-pulmonary disease Abstract   PDF
Nataliya Ivasyk
No 4(66) (2018) Criteria for assessing the speed of movement in young men in rowing on kayaks Abstract   PDF
Volodymyr Bogush, Sergiy Getmantsev, Konstantin Bogatyirev, Irina Koloskova, Olga Sokol, Oksana Reznichenko
No 6(56) (2016) Criteria of evaluation of indicators of speed of movements at young men in rowing Abstract   PDF
Volodymyr Bogush, Sergiy Getmantsev, Olga Kuvaldina, Yuriy Kulakov, Olga Sokol, Yevgen Yatsunskiy
No 2(52) (2016) Definition and assessment of physical efficiency of students – basketball players Abstract   PDF
Artem Kuzminchuk, Volodymyr Gradusov
No 6(56) (2016) Dependence of sports results on data of physical development, morphofunctional and special power preparedness of weight-lifters at the stage of initial preparation Abstract   PDF
Eugene Bugaev
No 4(48) (2015) Determination of biological age in different periods of human ontogenesis Abstract   PDF
Oleksandr Aghyppo, Yaroslavna Puhach, Valeriy Druz, Yana Zhernovnikova
No 2(46) (2015) Determination of the functional state of the vestibular analyzer volleyball players 14–15 years under the influence of a specially-designed exercises Abstract   PDF
Olena Moiseyenko, Yurii Gorchanyuk, Valerii Gorchanyuk
No 1(63) (2018) Determination of the level of tactical readiness of qualified runners at 800 m Abstract   PDF
Tetiana Rybalchenko, Olena Nasonkina, Mykhailo Marchenkov
No 1(51) (2016) Determining the background for implementation of sports-oriented teaching techniques in training of children age of 5–6 years old under the conditions of a preschool educational establishment Abstract   PDF
Gennady Petrenko
No 1(63) (2018) Development of a technique for preventing visual fatigue in students while working on a personal computer Abstract   PDF
Ivan Dubrovskiy, Оlena Mironenko, Larysa Tatarchenko, Liudmyla Nosenko, Maryna Prysiazhna
No 6(50) (2015) Development of common principles for the evaluation of quality characteristics of motor activity in the fitness and sports aerobics aesthetic orientation Abstract   PDF
Galyna Artemyeva, Valeriy Druz, Albert Lysenko
No 6(56) (2016) Development of Non-Olympic sports in Kharkov region during the existence of the Ukrainian SSR Abstract   PDF
Nataliia Saltan, Oleksandr Saltan
No 6(56) (2016) Development of specific coordination abilities and vestibular stability in the course of physical training of cadets of National Academy of the National Guard of Ukraine Abstract   PDF
Pavel Savchuk, Lydmyla Shesterova
No 6(50) (2015) Development tendencies of forms of organization of physical education in Europe in the Middle Ages Abstract   PDF
Dmitriy Solovey
No 6(62) (2017) Dialectical approach for structural and functional management in the health-improving and recreational motor activity system of the population Abstract   PDF
Oleksandr Aghyppo, Galina Putiatina
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