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No 6(56) (2016) Directions of improvement of training of young wrestlers of freestyle Abstract   PDF
Yevhen Ruchka
No 2(46) (2015) Dominant valued reasons of future rehabilitology experts while studying of discipline «massotherapy» Abstract   PDF
Pavlo Iefimenko
No 6(62) (2017) Dynamics of athletes choreographic preparedness level at the stage of specialized basic training (on the basis of sports aerobics) Abstract   PDF
Valentуna Todorova
No 6(62) (2017) Dynamics of cardiovascular parameters in combined aortic malformations under the influence of a physical therapy program during the rehabilitation process Abstract   PDF
Serhii Kalmykov, Yuliya Kalmykova
No 4(66) (2018) Dynamics of cardiovascular system and adaptive potential in students with chronic bronchitis Abstract   PDF
Oleksandr Petruhnov
No 2(58) (2017) Dynamics of changes in the structure and morbidity level of technical college students Abstract   PDF
Elena Tserkovnaya, Victor Osipov, Liudmila Filenko, Vladlena Pasko
No 2(46) (2015) Dynamics of general and specially trained of women-weightlifters at the stage of specialized basic training Abstract   PDF
Viktor Slobodyanuk
No 4(66) (2018) Dynamics of indicators of empirical research and biogeometric profile in wrestlers – veterans of sports with osteochondrosis of the lumbosacral spine Abstract   PDF
Oleksii Honcharov
No 3(59) (2017) Dynamics of indicators of respiratory function in elderly men under the influence of rehabilitation measures in the immobilization period of the disease after the fractures of the tibial plateau Abstract   PDF
Tetiana Ananieva
No 1(63) (2018) Dynamics of other functional state it of cardiovascular and respiratory systems indicators at women under the influence of swimming occupations Abstract   PDF
Liliia Sheiko
No 1(57) (2017) Dynamics of physical and psychoemotional condition of women under the influence of swimming occupations Abstract   PDF
Liliya Sheyko
No 4(48) (2015) Dynamics of physical preparedness of runners on middle distances who live in various climatic conditions Abstract   PDF
Lydmyla Shesterova, Tu Yanhao
No 6(62) (2017) Dynamics of students’ physical fitness during sectional crossfit and football sessions Abstract   PDF
Valeriy Hrygoriev
No 5(61) (2017) Dynamics of the level of choreographic preparedness of athletes at the stage of preliminary basic training (on the basis of sports aerobics) Abstract   PDF
Valentina Todorova
No 2(58) (2017) Dynamics of the level of professionally applied psychophysical and psycho-physiological readiness of students of railway specialties Abstract   PDF
Anzhelika Yefremova, Liudmila Shesterova
No 6(50) (2015) Effect of competition program "Acrobatics" category "B-Class" at the level of technical preparedness of athletes in acrobatic rock and roll Abstract   PDF
Petro Kyzim, Larisa Lutsenko, Nataliya Batieieva
No 3(65) (2018) Effect of ergotherapy on the level of self-care of children with cerebral palsy Abstract   PDF
Oleksandr Kushchenko
No 6(62) (2017) Effect of recreational activities on the physical development of girls 11–12 years of the preparatory medical group Abstract   PDF
Maryna Prudnikova
No 6(50) (2015) Effect of static loads with their own body weight and dynamic loads on the health of boys 10–11 years Abstract   PDF
Eugene Proskurov
No 1(45) (2015) Effect of the techniques of karate on functional status and physical fitness of students of Flight Academy Abstract   PDF
Volodymir Galimskyi
Vol 7, No 2(70) (2019) Effectiveness of the use of aquaaerobics in the process of sectional classes in swimming students 18–19 years Abstract   PDF
Yuriy Zhuravlev, Nikolai Malikov
No 4(48) (2015) Efficiency analysis of competitive activity of highly skilled basketball players at the stage of maximum realization of individual potential Abstract   PDF
Ruslana Sushko
No 2(52) (2016) Efficiency of actions in attack of diagonal players in female volleyball Abstract   PDF
Yevgeniya Strelnikova, Tamara Lyakhova
No 1(57) (2017) Efficiency of actions of the setter in competitions of students’ women's volleyball teams of the Kharkiv region Abstract   PDF
Yevgeniya Strelnykova, Tamara Liakhova
No 1(45) (2015) Efficiency of application of cardiotraining’s facilities in the increase of the cardiovascular system’s functional state of judoists 7–12 years Abstract   PDF
Oleksandr Veritov
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