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No 5(61) (2017) Efficiency of developing 15–17-year weightlifters’ training process for a one-year macrocycle with the use of various speed and strength training methods Abstract   PDF
Oleksandr Piven, Tetiana Dorofieieva
No 5(55) (2016) Efficiency of the technique of the training process of highly skilled bodybuilders of the mesomorphic type of constitution in the competitive period Abstract   PDF
Olexandr Tyhorskіy
No 6(50) (2015) Efficiency of the use of different rest intervals in the training students-swimmers with the aim of development of special endurance Abstract   PDF
Tetyana Dorofeeva, Olga Pilipko
No 2(64) (2018) Efficiency of the use of mobile games in water at the stages of primary teaching for children of primary school age Abstract   PDF
Liliya Sheyko, Nataliia Pashchenko
No 3(47) (2015) Estimation of the parameters of quality control test of professional competence of staff Abstract   PDF
Oleksandra Bakanova, Andriy Yegorov, Klavdiia Nekrasova
No 4(54) (2016) Evaluating the effectiveness of the integrated use of sporting plays to optimize the cardiorespiratory system functional state of students 18–19 years old Abstract   PDF
Inna Cherednichenko
No 4(48) (2015) Evaluation of effectiveness of breaking fragments passing performed by rally crews Abstract   PDF
Olga Kuvaldina
Vol 7, No 1(69) (2019) Factors determining the direction of the process of physical rehabilitation of men with osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine in remission Abstract   PDF
Rymma Bannikova, Volodymyr Kormiltsev, Victoria Brushko, Mariia Balazh
No 3(53) (2016) Features of 30-40 years old tourists-skiers’ technical training in the preparation period Abstract   PDF
Alexander Toporkov
No 6(50) (2015) Features of 30–40 years old tourists-skiers’ technical training in spring and autumn Abstract   PDF
Оlexander Toporkov
No 3(53) (2016) Features of change of condition of a biogeometrical profile of bearing of students in the course of physical education Abstract   PDF
Sergey Lopacki
No 1(57) (2017) Features of content of competitive activity of highly skilled players of different functional classes in basketball on wheelchairs Abstract   PDF
Maxim Mishin
No 2(52) (2016) Features of draws of corner kicks in games of teams of high qualification Abstract   PDF
Andrii Pertsukhov, Victor Shalenko
No 2(46) (2015) Features of high-speed and strength qualities development in young biathlonists aged 14–15 in the preparatory period Abstract   PDF
Artem Burla
No 1(57) (2017) Features of influence of sports activities on the identity of students Abstract   PDF
Vasilij Sutula, Vjаcheslav Shuteev, Larisa Lutsenko, Andriy Kolіsnіchenko, Valentina Ispravnikova, Alfiya Deyneko, Inna Bodrenkova
No 2(46) (2015) Features of methods of physical and operational control of athlete using the «Information and diagnostic complex restoration of the functional state of an athlete» Abstract   PDF
Oleksandra Utkina
No 1(45) (2015) Features of morphological and functional characteristics of young swimmers 14–18 years Abstract   PDF
Оlena Politko
No 6(68) (2018) Features of psycho-physiological indicators in various types of wrestling Abstract   PDF
Yuryi Tropin, Natalya Boychenko
No 5(49) (2015) Features of selection of children for occupations by artistic gymnastics in modern Kurdistan Abstract   PDF
Abdulvahid Dlshad Nihad
No 1(63) (2018) Features of technical and tactical actions of female athletes of various qualifications specializing in complex swimming at a distance of 200 meters Abstract   PDF
Olga Pilipko
Vol 7, No 2(70) (2019) Features of technical and tactical actions of highly skilled athletes when swimming a distance of 100 meters by front crawl Abstract   PDF
Olga Pilipko
No 1(63) (2018) Features of technical and tactical actions of the team "Metalist" in the games of the League of Europe Abstract   PDF
Vladimir Perevoznik, Vladimir Paevskiy
No 1(45) (2015) Features of the applied physical preparedness of the first-year students of a legal higher educational institution Abstract   PDF
Olga Kolomiytseva
No 6(50) (2015) Features of the formative educational training groups in Youth sports schools in terms of our time Abstract   PDF
Artem Zhytnitskyi
No 3(65) (2018) Features of the improved methodology of pedagogical control of physical preparedness of athletes in aesthetic gymnastics Abstract   PDF
Oleg Kamaev, Svitlana Osadchyieva
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