Між Москвою і Брюсселем: міжнародна ситуація Сербії і українська криза


  • Justyna Krupa Uniwersytet Jagielloński, Poland

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Serbia, Republic of Serbia, Russian Federation, Russia, the European Union, the Ukrainian crisis, the European Commission, the accession negotiations, neutrality, CFSP, NATO, rivalry, Balkans


The crisis in relations between Russia and Ukraine, and the related increase in tensions between the Russian Federation and the European Union countries, reverberated in the Balkan Peninsula. Individual countries in the region have reacted in various ways to the new situation and changes in the international balance of power. This paper analyzes the manner in which the Ukrainian crisis has affected the international situation of the Republic of Serbia.

Serbia found itself within the circle of political influence between the European Union and the Russian Federation. Serbian authorities refused to join the EU sanctions imposed on Russia; at the same time, they received President Vladimir Putin and politicians subjected to international sanctions, such as the President of the State Duma Sergey Naryshkin, in Belgrade. This has been reflected in the reports of the European Commission on Serbia’s progress towards the integration with the EU. Despite the apparent exacerbation of polarization in the European political arena, Serbia is striving to find the balance between the EU and the Russian Federation. Serbian representatives even made proposals suggesting that Serbia could bring about the ‘reconciliation’ between Russia and the EU, acting as a mediator.

To some extent, Serbian authorities continue the political tradition of the time of Yugoslavia, governed by Josip Broz Tito, when Belgrade also tried to find the balance between East and West, the communist and the capitalistic blocs. Currently, Serbia is making attempts to take advantage of the new situation in the system of international relations in Europe in order to pursue its own political goals.

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Justyna Krupa, Uniwersytet Jagielloński

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