Труднощі нормалізації польсько-російських відносин


  • Stanisław Bieleń The Institute of International Relations of the University of Warsaw, Poland

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Polish-Russian relations, normalization, confrontational thinking, obstacles, Europeanization


Poland’s Eastern policy is the result of the lack of a coherent concept, a return to the tradition of martyrdom and heroism, an ideologization in the form of missionarism and Prometheanism, and a confrontational attitudes towards Russia. The lack of a critical reflection over the chances for the normalization of relations with the largest country in the East is largely a result of ignoring our own national interest. The Polish political elites uncritically acquiesce to U.S. visions related to the encirclement and fragmentation of Russia. In this way, Poland becomes, at its own request, a hostage to foreign geostrategic concepts.

Obstacles on the way to the normalization of Polish-Russian relations are subjective and objective. They find expression in each other’s attitudes, emotions and psychology, as well as the asymmetry of power and interests advanced by each party. Opportunities for the normalization of Polish-Russian relations should be sought in taking advantage of the mechanisms and experiences of Europeanization, i.e. Poland’s participation in the team play within the European Union. The condition for success is cooperative thinking, based on an accommodative strategy, and not a confrontational one, allowing for a re-evaluation of the negative ideological past to reach positive and pragmatic cooperation.

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Stanisław Bieleń, The Institute of International Relations of the University of Warsaw

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