Деінституціалізація політичної сфери в Україні: теорія та її підтвердження практикою


  • Оксана Макух Національний університет «Львівська політехніка», Ukraine

Ключові слова:

the institution of political power, deinstitutialization, humanization, boundary area communication


The relevance of theorizing about problems of deinstitutionalization in politics is dictated by the lack of system researches in Ukrainian scientific literature and regulations concerning the display mode of correlative relations of the individual and institution in political power; searching  for «the break points» at the intersection of civil and institutional dimensions of politics. The theoretical aspect of the paper is due to the necessity of forming the scientific basis of searching the peculiarities of the communication factor in dynamics of the institution of political power. Communication appears as a determinant of the characteristics of this process and determines the functional degradation of the institute of political power. It «blurs» deinstitutionalization through its boundaries, meanwhile identifying a new design.

The practical value of the paper is to prove by the feasibility of deinstitutionalization in politics through the introduction of a person in the process of forming of communicative and civil unions in institutional dimension and laying of the foundations of the institute of political power with modified «antropodimention» of functional parameters.

The task of research is seen in: a need to create a system of principles of communication as a fundamental requirement, compliance with which will ensure the quality deinstitutialization processes, outlining the principles, mechanisms and consequences of deinstitutionalization politics, determining the level of readiness of Ukrainian society to be representative of the carrier and epochal changes in the socio- political sphere.

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Оксана Макух, Національний університет «Львівська політехніка»

Oksana Makuch






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